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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kracie X San-X: Rilakkuma & Beauty Hand Cream Citrus Rose

Now everyone shout: "Awwwwwwwwwwww" and "Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute"! A Rilakkuma beauty product! How sweet!

I found this *tiny* jar of hand cream on eBay (yep, you guessed it: Alphabeatyuk, my favorite eBay crack dealer!) and purchased it within 5 seconds after even spotting the auction haha!
San-X and Kracie decided to work together and whip up a small series of adorable Rilakkuma skincare goodies! While I love Hello Kittty I can really get everything with her incl. beauty stuff (just go to H&M and look there!) so she´s somehow nothing special anymore (*sobs*) but Rilakkuma is more rare to find!

The Citrus Rose Hand Cream comes in a small jar (16g! That´s rather sample-sized if you ask me!). The cream is rather thick so a little goes a surprisingly long way! The cream has a very light scent, barely detectable at all and makes a nice moisturizer. It also contains honey and shea butter so I really like it!
The jar is definitely refill-worthy and can be tucked neatly into even a small purse!

The collection includes also blotting papers, body lotion and lip cream (I want those!!). I only found the blotting papers and hand cream on eBay though! I hope Alphabeautyuk might eventually bring in the rest of the collection!


Catherine said...


What a great find!!

vanilla said...

aww its too cute!hehe

.blushfully. said...

Oooohhhh cute!! Hahaha, I want to know if it's actually quite a nice hand cream, then I might decide whether to get one or not hahaha... it's so cute though ;)

birkinbagbeauty said...

yeh, Hello Kitty has been a bit overcommercialised lately. I did buy a Etude Handcream just to have it (still, it is Etude so it is more original than H&M, right?).

Rilakkuma looks cute and I love citrus scents. I should check out your crack dealer as well ;P.

Suzanna said...

I love Japanese Products!!your blog is Fabulous!!! just showing some love on your page and cant wait til you have a giveaway hehe, I'm a newbie blogger at and you can follow me on twitter too
XoXo, Suzanna

Joanna said...

KAWAII NE!~ thats is toooo cute! >.< Im new to this blogging thing but i absolutely LOVE your blog ^__^
check out my new blog ~

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