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Friday, February 12, 2010

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Cosmetex Roland Q10 Treatment Care Cream for Eyes/Q10 Eye Treatment Serum

And again Cosmetex Roland, this nice but small Japanese brand, has made it into my Inexpensive Beauty Finds category.
So far everything I tried from them is really good and also great value for money as their price point is just really low.
I hope eventually Sasa will list more of their products but right now you can get about 25 or so items there which is a good start.

I purchased this product with the inconsistent name (the name on the box is different from the tube) back in December 2009 but just started using it in January as I was waiting for my Kose Sekkisei eye cream to finish. I still have the Etude House Moistfull Eye Cream around but just prefer using the Cosmetex one.

So on the box it says "Q10 Treatment Care Cream for Eyes" and on the tube "Eye Treatment Serum Q10".

The box is golden and somehow overloaded with pics and writings lol whereas the tube is super simple with nearly nothing written on it =P This is somehow what makes me realize that this brand is still small and probably doesn´t spend too much on expensive packaging designing =P

Anyways, I don´t mind, to me that´s kinda cute! And the cream itself has convinced me of the quality (and it cost me less than US$9 for a hefty 20g tube) so I already repurchased the same cream as a backup and ordered one of the other 2 available eye creams from Cosmetex.

The tube is just white with an eye and "Eye Treatment Serum Q10" written on it. On the back is some Japanese scribble, too.

The cream itself has a buttery yellow color and smooth but very moisturizing formula. It´s a lighter cream so if you have severly dry skin you might want something richer but for me this is the perfect amount of hydration and care for my (not yet wrinkly *knocks on wood*) eye area.
Makes a great smooth base for eye makeup, too!

Overall a really nice eye cream and the 20g tube will probably last me around 3-4 months (I need about 5-6ml eye cream per month, with 2x daily application)

This is not scented and doen´t irritate my eyes at all. Overall very recommended as it´s doing its job wonderfully!


Anonymous said...

do you think this particular eye cream can help lessen dark circles?thanks ^_^

kuri said...

I want to try these Cosmetex Roland products! Haven't been able to find them in my usual drugstores yet though. Maybe I'll have to order them online.

Valili said...

I've always wondered what Q10 means..?? sorry for my lack of knowledge in cosmetics -_-

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