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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Cosmetex Roland Hair Repairment Repair Esthe S-Care Treatment

I am so into trying all kinds of Japanese hair care and styling products these days. In my opinion the majority is just great so to me it´s so worth shipping the stuff over here.

As I probably mentioned 100000x before the best place to order heavy items like skincare, bodycare, hair stuff etc. is as over a certain limit shipping is free so you don´t need to worry that your package might end up weighing 2,3 or 5kg or more as they cover the shipping for you anyway. So I shamelessly order lots of heavy bottles and stuff hehe =D Sasa´s assortment has increased tremendously over the past couple of years so you really get the good stuff there now (except for their makeup variety which is rather poor). Their prices can´t be beat as the majority of the things cost around or even less than Japanese retail (up to 50% less in my experience!) so even if you order a lot it won´t break your bank too easily.

I received the Hair Repairment Repair Esthe S-Care Treatment from Japanese brand Cosmetex Roland along with my most recent order and despite the pile of hair treatments in my bathroom I just couldn´t put this in my backup stash (to use when I finish something else) as I was just too curious if this stuff would be good.

This comes in a huge 300g tube (I actually didn´t pay attention to the size so I was surprised by the big tube!). I don´t know the retail price in Japan but this set me back US$7.30 or US$7.40 (I get 5% VIP discount. Including import taxes (there are no customs fees on cosmetics here) the tube cost me less than US$10 (shipping was free) as I ordered this with quite a bunch of other stuff to make it more worthwhile.

There are 2 Repair Esthe Treatments available: D-Care (for very dry and damaged hair) and S-Care (for "habit hair"?). I got S-Care as Sasa doesn´t have D-Care.

The Repair Esthe S-Care Treatment contains Lipidure to supply hair with intense moisture and to make it soft and smooth and give a beautiful shine to it.

I tried this out several times and I have to say that this stuff absolutely rocks! My hair feels soooo soft, smooth and shiny I can´t stop touching it!
This has a light scent which is not heavy and quite nice.

This is a regular hair treatment so you shampoo your hair, squeeze out as much water as possible and apply a dollop of the hair pack. Leave for 2-3 minutes and then rinse off. Follow with conditioner or leave as is.

I will repurchase this as I really think this stuff is great! I would also love to try the D-Care Treatment or one of the shampoos from Cosmetex Roland.


Mischievous Mack said...

ooo sounds really nice! I adore Japanese hair care items ")

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