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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring 2010: Kanebo Coffret D´or Jewelcious Eyes in 02 Pink

Initially I had decided to skip the new Coffret D´or palettes called "Jewelcious Eyes" but after reading several positive reviews I finally caved and ordered the quad in 02 Pink as this was the color that appealed to me most.

The Jewelcious Eyes come in a pretty silver (aka fingerprint city) compacts with the usual pink crystals embedded (but this time in a rectangular shape instead of the cross).

The available colors are the usual 5 Coffret D´or color themes (beige, pink, purple, green and blue):

Each palette gives you a highlighter, medium color, shadow color and "jewel shower" shade. All are powders so there is no cream shade in this quad.
In my opinion the texture is really very silky and smooth with fine shimmer throughout. The "jewel shower" color in the middle has more glitters thus rougher but not to the extent of Lunasol glitter shades, it´s more of a fine sparkle.
Pigment-wise the medium and shadow colors are the most pigmented whereas the highlighter is on the sheerer side (and the least shimmery one, too). The jewel shower color is the sheerest as its main use is to add some sparkle to the other shadows.

The lasting power is great as always as I didn´t experience creasing or fading (something I rarely encounter though).

The palette 02 Pink is a pretty combo of white, light pink (jewel shower shade), a burnt rose-gold (not at all too orange!) and a pretty medium gray with a very light hint of purple sparkles.

All in all I really like this palette a lot and will be using it more often this spring!

Here are the tips how to apply the colors:


Unknown said...

lovely :)!! you've got beautiful eyes there! check out my blog, i've been blogging about beauty reviews recently. follow if you likes cos that'll make me more motivated to blog. XP!!

Catherine said...

Wow, very pretty!

Jess said...

I got Jewelcious Eyes in 04 (actually my first Cofret D'or palette), and I really love it!

Yes, I also noticed that the shimmer is so fine!

Paris B said...

I love the look you did with this one. Looks like something I'd do so I'd definitely keep an eye out for this palette. Thanks Kathi!

Georgina said...

ooooh you're making me want to get this kathi! >:)

. said...

Thanks so much for the review. Sooo pretty~~!! =D

I should definitely get myself one of those palettes one day. =_=

Piper said...

these colors look gorge on you!

Anonymous said...

i love your eyes~ beautiful!

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