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Friday, February 5, 2010

Kanebo Kate Eyeliner Frame Impact Marker

Kate makes my favorite eyeliners I use nearly daily: Kate Supersharp is the best liner to draw a very fine precise line without any effort (I used up like 7 or 8 pencils?) and Square Cut Liner is the best for the inner rims (I just close my eyes and pull the liner a few times along my inner rims to have them done perfectly).

One of the newest liners is the Frame Impact Marker which is something I haven´t seen until now!
Basically the Frame Impact Marker is meant for tightlining as you dot the ink (this is a liquid liner like a felt-pen!) just in between your lashes to make them look fuller but it should look like you´re not really wearing liner. The liner is split into 3 small tips (sort of like a fork) so you can reach between your lashes nicely.

I think the idea is good but it takes quite some time to apply the liner and I just prefer a super thin but clean line I can draw with my Supersharp liner.
For a super natural eye look this might be nice though!

Here you see my bare eye (no concealer or anything else applied)....woot, never showed you my naked eye, right?)

And here it´s with the liner on (sorry, I somehow opened my lid more than in the first pic but you can spot the liner dots). I wear the liner and nothing else btw:

Overall an interesting invention but not quite a must-have for me.

I purchased mine from Adambeauty. I paid US$10 for it. There is only one color (black BK-1) available.


Anonymous said...

Good to know that Kate is a good eyeliner! I will buy this next since my K-Palette is more expensive.

chung said...

Ooooh! This sounds like something I need to try, I love tight lining and it looks so natural! Does it smudge a lot or is it pretty good about staying in place?

Kathi said...

It can bleed slightly during applicaton if there are fine lines but it dries down right away and doesn´t smudge at all afterwards =D

Claire said...

I just got this while holidaying in Taiwan. Can't wait to try it out! :) Thanks for the review!


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