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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring 2010: Aube Couture Designing Premium Rouge (all PK shades)

I think Aube Couture makes really nice lippies. Honestly lipsticks from Aube Couture, Maquillage, Lunasol and Coffret D´or pretty much never fail in my opinion. Color- and texture-wise those brands just know how to do a good lipstick or gloss!

Aube Couture´s newest addition to their line is the Premium Designing Rouge which is a liquid lipstick. There are 16 colors to choose from, all muted and natural thus easy to wear.

The lipsticks are grouped according to their color-tone (vertically from top to bottom on the table: pinks, roses, reds, beiges) and by the intensity of the color (sorted horizontally from left to right as bright/light, natural and deep tone):

The Premium Designing Rouges retail for 3200 Yen (about US$35) but Aube Couture is discounted by about 20-30% in Japanese drugstores so you will probably pay around US$25-28 there. Gooddealer and Ichibankao carry this lipstick if you are interested to purchase online.

I was lucky to find the 4 pink shades on eBay for a good price so I didn´t hesitate and placed my bids and I won all 4.

The Premium Designing Rouges come in pretty silver/pink tubes. You just twist the cap and pull the wand out (Aube Couture even gives us a graphic instructing how to open the cap lol!)

The shape of the applicator is a bit diferent from what you might be used to. It´s sort of triangular and made of a nice soft fuzzy material so it really distributes the color very evenly.

The texture of the lipsticks (or glosses as the Premium Designing Rouge is like a cross between liquid lipsticks and gloss) is very creamy, moist and not sticky at all so they´re really comfortable. Lasting power is good, longer than the average slick (but not sticky) gloss but not as long as a regular lipstick. These wear off evenly though so a reapplying this can be done easily anytime.
The finish is glossy and moist and the color generally shows up though the bright and natural colors are on the sheerer side, the deep tone has a bit more pigment.
These aren´t scented or flavored, too.

Colors: As mentioned above I got all the 4 pink shades however only PK164 is really what I would consider pink, the others are more on the peachy or beige side in my opinion! When applied all look pinker as they let my natural lip color shine through.

PK161: Natural tone. Soft peach shade with fine shimmer

PK162: Deep tone. My favorite color. It´s a color like my lips but a little deeper. Contains fine shimmer.

PK163: Bright tone. Very light fleshy peach with a hint of pink and a little shimmer.

PK164: Bright tone. Light muted pink with fine shimmer.

So overall these are great lippies and I will indulge in more colors if I find a good deal coming along.


Zoe said...

Wow..the colors look so nice, thanks so much for the reviews^^

Kathi said...

Hi Zoe,
thank you! =D

Hi Vanilla,
sorry I deleted your comment by mistake! =X (that happens when I try to post comments from my iphone hmmpf!)
I don´t use a lip concealer, just a lip base (which basically means a clear lipcare) =D

Catherine said...

These are so gorgeous! You have the perfect lips!

Beauty Basics said...

very nice colour!

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