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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer 2010: Lavshuca Natural Beauty (various items)

Lavshuca decided to play safe this summer and released a super neutral collection. I am sure it will appeal to the majority of ladies but on the other hand it will be a little boring to many others. Anyway, this didn´t stop me from hauling it as I am among the majority who likes neutrals hehe (though I don´t mind a little color!) =D

The Natural Beauty Collection contains:

-Melting Eyes eyeshadow quads in PK-1, RD-1, OR-1, BR-1 and BE-1 (all muted neutrals) - contains pearl essence and silk
Retail 1680 Yen.

-Moist Melting Rouge in 12 colors (all on the light, neutral and muted side). Contains macadamia nut oil, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and silk.
Retail 1575 Yen.

-Mix Color Cheeks in RD-1, RD-2, PK-1 and OR-1. Contains pearl essence and silk. Brush is made of 100% natural pony hair.
Retail 1470 Yen.

I got 2 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks and one of the blushes though I could have hauled more because I like the goodies really a lot but set myself a limit of 5 items from the collection.
All products are fragrance-free.

-Melting Eyes RD-1 and BE-1:
The new Melting Eyes come in very pretty princessy cases incl. an applicator but no mirror. Typically Lavshuca (and like Kate, Majolica Majorca and Integrate) in my opinion.

I actually find the texture quite remarkable for a Japanese drugstore brand as it´s very silky and smooth and very pigmented, too! Similar to some of the better Kate palettes like Glam Trick Eyes and better than any Lavshuca palette released thus far.
Both of the palettes I got contain a high dose of shimmer but the palettes should still be easily wearable even in a more conservative environment.

The lasting power is excellent as I didn´t experience any kind of creasing or fading even after a long day however it´s not humid or hot here these days and I always wear an eye base.

The palettes in RD-1 and BE-1 are unfortunately a bit on the warmer side. They are ok for me but would flatter someone with a warmer skin-tone better I think. They are both solid neutral choices but as I said not perfect for me. If my lashes look weird it´s due to the brown mascara I used. It´s a great mascara and looks pretty in reality but it looks strange on photos.


-Moist Melting Rouge:
Maybe you remember that the Rouge Essence Bar is my favorite kind of lippy from Lavshuca. The Moist Melting Rouge is the replacement for the Rouge Essence Bar
and to me it seems that it´s actually even better than its predecessor!

The Moist Melting Rouge comes in a cute magic-wand-style twist-up tube extremely similar to the Rouge Essence Bar. After twisting out the lipstick you can retract it (unlike e.g. the Extra Silky lipsticks from Cle de Peau).

The texture is extremely soft and moist so the lipstick will be used up quickly with daily use. It feels extremely comfortable to wear and gives a pretty satiny and shimmery finish.

Against my expectation this is actually a quite pigmented range of lipsticks so the color you see in the stick will show up quite well.

RS-2: You probably expected this kind of color among my purchases =P It´s a muted mauve-rose, exactly what I like hehe =D

RD-3: This is a light milky peachy pink shade and very natural and flattering fo the majority of fair-medium skin-tones I´d guess.

-Mix Color Cheeks:
The new blushes come in sweet round cases and give you 3 colors to play with (a light and medium blush and a highlighter).

The texture is fine but not overly silky (not chalky either). It´s sheer but buildable with a pretty soft glow.

I usually swirl the the blush colors together and apply the highlighter separately on my forehead, nose, under my eyes and on my chin.
The brush is very soft but rather small but it could work in a rush.

RD-2: This is a gorgeous very muted blush palette which would probably work with the majority of lipsticks as it´s a rather neutral color. The colors are a creamy off-white (highlighter), a light rose and a medium rosy pink.

All in all the Lavshuca summer collection is very worth looking into. I think on the longer run I will definitely order more of the lipsticks as they´re really outstanding in my opinion.


zhenling said...

thanks alot for the review,
lavshica's rouge essene bar is my favourite. how do you think the new lippie compares to the old?

Anonymous said...

the lip color towards the end is super prettyy

Popcorn said...

really pretty collection~

Luv all of your reviews and swatches. I think that the packaging of the new collection is really pretty!

pauline said...

those eye shadows look great!

can you tell me where did you buy them? (sorry, I know my question is annoying and probably lot of people ask it constantly...!)

Annie Dong said...

But I think warm colors look great on you - particularly the RD-1 palette. Gives you a soft, vintage romantic feel.

fuzkittie said...

The blush & lippies are super tempting, I like the blush packaging.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Wowow, I am completely charmed by the update of the lipstick! I love their old rouge essence and if this is even better then it is lipstick heaven. I love the colours you purchased!

I am tending towards warmer eyeshadow colours lately, so the RD palette has some colours I do not have yet (but have been craving over lately). I think I am allowed to have another makeup purchase after seeing the colours and reading your thumbs up...

Bijin Blair said...

OMG, I need to get these Lavshuca items! Products with great texture and pigmentation never fail to trap me haha :)

Thanks for reviewing them Kathi!

Kathi said...

Hi Zhenling,
I think the new version is even more buttery than the old. Love it loads!

Hi Pauline,
I got the collection from ichibankao... i am sure adambeauty will list it soon, too, and for a better price.

And thanks to the other ladies for their kind comments =D

pauline said...

thank you so much for the info, Kathi!

Mabel said...

Both palettes look absolutely stunning on your eyes! They probably look a bit different in real life though. Warm eyeshadows would go nice with a tan (lol). Everything from their new collection looks excellent. I can't wait to try some of these out!

Pinkii said...

very pretty color and it looks lovely when u wear it :) Can u tell me which color in Moist Melting Bar collection is similar to the color PK3 in Dramatic Memory Rouge.

Jay, said...

Do you think any of the blushes will look good with a tanner skin tone?

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