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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer 2010: Majolica Majorca Blooming Dreamer

I´ve always had a soft spot for everything from Majolica Majorca...after all this was among the first few Japanese brands I ever tried years and years ago and they had those amazing metallic eyeshadows (which I still enjoy using) and other cute stuff.

As you might know from previous MM reviews I have been less than impressed with previous collection, especially the Xmas 2009 collection was pretty much below mediocre in my opinion.

When images of the Blooming Dreamer collection for summer 2010 popped up on Rouge Deluxe (the first blog I ever read and my favorite by far =) ) I was quite excited as there was a purple theme going on and I am a sucker for purples (as long as they are not on the reddish side which is very common among Japanese brands).

The collection includes 2 Blooming Dream Eyes eyeshadow palettes, 2 Perfect Automatic Liners, The Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On mascara in purple and a variety of new nail colors.

I got the Blooming Dream Eyes in #2 Night Dream, Perfect Automatic Liner in VI606 and the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On in VI606.

-Blooming Dream Eyes #2:
The new and Limited Edition eyehadow palettes come in cardboard palettes just like some previous collection featured (the Little White and Black Books, the Lady Cat palettes from Xmas 2005 and the Midnight Dresser palettes from Xmas 2009).

I was quite disappointed with the quality of the Midnight Dresser palettes. The overall appearance of the palettes was quite flimsy and badly made.
The packaging of my Blooming Dream Eyes palette is very cute and sweet....very dreamy and fairytale-like... it reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland, too.
Unfortunately this is made of rather flimsy cardboard, too, unlike the older palettes. No finished edges, just cut off and left as they are. I am making sure to not remove the protective plastic baggie this came in as I am afraid the palette would get damaged otherwise.

The palette contains an "Eye Base", "Eye Gloss", a "Nuance Color" and a "Shadow Color".

The Eye Base is actually quite nice. It´s a rather dry pearly white cream which makes a nice base and keeps shadows vibrant and in place nicely.

The Eye Gloss is totally useless for me. It feels just like lipgloss to me and the scattered green glitters (rather large ones!) are frightening me as I think they might interfere with my contact lenses. Also to make it show up you need to scoop some of this out so this would possibly be finished quickly.

The Nuance Color is a gorgeous light shimmery pink perfect as highlighter. It´s sheer and shimmery and blends nicely.

The Shadow Color is a light-medium bright shimmery purple. I first was diappointed as it looked somewhat light but it´s a very pretty lid color.

Overall the palette creates a pretty fresh summer look. Quality-wise it´s not the finest choice but it´s a decent and cute palette and exceeded my expectations (when I swatched it at first I was less than impressed but swatching and wearing it on the eyes are different stories!)

-Perfect Automatic Liner VI606:
I own quite a few of the various versions of the Automatic Liners MM released over the past years and think they´re quite nice as they have a nice flexible brush and pretty colors and are easy to apply

The new shade of the Perfect Automatic Liner is really pretty, it´s a metallic deep neutral-cool purple with shimmer bits. Very pretty indeed! It´s not fully opaque but oddly when worn on my eyes it´s a really deep color and not sheer at all.
Lasting power is great, the liner did not smudge or fade and looked fresh until I washed it off at night!

-Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On VI606:
As you might remember the Lash Enamel Glamour Neo mascara is my holy grail and absolutely favorite mascara ever. MM decided to annoy me and replaced it with the new Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On which is just mediocre a it doen´t give those beautiful fat curled lashes like its predecessor.

The new color comes in the same formula with fibers and a fine shimmer. The color is actually really gorgeous as it is a pretty purple which goes so well with the liner and eye palette! It looks brighter on my hand whereas deeper on my lashes (I used a light layer of black mascara underneath 2 layers of the purple mascara though).
My lashes however get that same spiky look with strangely unevenly shaped tips due to the fibers. It takes lots of combing and adjusting for me to make them look somewhat pretty. I want to say that the color is worth it though =)

All in all I believe the 3 products are made to be used with each other as they harmonize perfectly. The palette alone would be a bit blah but the liner and mascara make it pop in my opinion. I am sure I will enjoy the gorgeous liner and mascara quite often! Please ignore that pathetic wing I drew with the liner lol..I am not particularly skilled when it comes to winging out my liner!

I got mine from Ichibankao but I am sure Adambeauty will have them soon at a good price.

Retail prices:
-Blooming Dream Eyes 1680 Yen/each
-Perfect Automatic Liner 1260 Yen
-Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On 1260 Yen


BeautyOnTheWay said...

Purple color mascara! it's interesting, just curious that can you really see the purple on your lashes? because I don't see it from the picture. love your eye makeup as usual. ^_^

Anonymous said...

looks very smooth. Looks very promising.
I wasn't sure if I should get a palette, but now I think I'm gonna try out the Blooming Dream Eyes 01

Anonymous said...

they look pretty on eyes!!!

Unknown said...

the liner looks nice. thanks for the swatches, these MM items look great on you.

Unknown said...

The purple looks great on you cathy.I ike blooming dream eyes 01 =)

Georgina said...

the auto liner color is very pretty indeed! :)

missann said...

I love your blog! I am following you for a long time! and now I have my own blog and I follow you with it. Please visit me!
Thank you! and I love love love your blog! congratulations!

Kathi said...

Hi BeautyOnTheWay,
yes I can see it but the cam doesn´t seem to capture the purple tones well!

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