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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shiseido Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleansing with Essential Oil

The Head Spa series is the newest addition to the Tsubaki hair care line by Shiseido. If I am not wrong the Head Spa series concentrates on having a healthy scalp as the base for healthy shiny hair. I am not sure for which hair type it´s recommended but my guess is normal-oily.
The line consists of 4 items (shampoo, conditioner, mask and deep cleansing shampoo to be used 1x per week).

I got the Extra Cleansing with Essential Oil shampoo as a deep cleansing shampoo was something I have missed so far (to remove remains of hair wax and other styling stuff and I use a lot of it).

What I positively noticed at first was the wonderful scent of the Head Spa series. The shampoo smells so yummy, herbal and fresh but with a sweet tinge. You can definitely smell the marigold used in the scent (other notes are cinnamon and rose as described here on Rouge Deluxe).

The Extra Cleansing with Essential Oil comes in a simple clear plastic bottle and contains 280ml. It´s used once a week to remove all traces of styling and haircare products so your hair will be bouncy and clean again.

This stuff is seriously harsh in my opinion. I washed my hair once with it and when I rinsed the shampoo off my hair felt seriously yucky, like straw. I then slapped some hair mask and then conditioner on my hair and it was soft again but still I feel it´s a bit drier than usual.

Overall I am not sure if I really need a deep cleansing shampoo if I just feel it makes my hair feel dry and rough and then I have to follow up with even more hair care stuff to rectify that. Probably this is good if you have severely oily hair, I am sure it can turn your hair into dry hair after a few washes :P

All in all I might use this on and off but probably not 1x per week as I am not sure how well my hair can handle that.

The Head Spa line seems to be on the pricier side (at least online). I think I paid nearly US$15 for this stuff but I think a $2 bottle of dish washing detergent could achieve similar results =P (though as I said it smells really good!)
I ordered the shampoo, conditioner and mask so will review them within the next some weeks when I received and tried them out.


Sheila said...

Hm... your description of the after-feeling reminds me of Lush Rehab shampoo. I think its less harsh than this one, but my hair feels SO clean afterwards. From looking at pics of your hair, I don't think you need this, plus I know for a fact deep cleansing shampoos strip hair of colour too so its not good if you have dyed hair either.

But I do love the Tsubaki line very much, so much better than regular drugstore stuff!

. said...

it's a shame it strips your hair of its natural oil SO much! The bottle looks so pretty, and the fact that it contains 'essential oil' makes it sound moisturising! I'm interested to see about the other products in the range =)

And by the way Kathi thanks for the SexyLook facemasks! I just received them today. I will review them as soon as I've tried them! =)

Unknown said...

I got to try this, sounds amazing, I love the Original Tsubaki line but have not yet tried this one.

Thank you for sharing with us Cathy =)

miss_waterlily said...

I started this using a fortnight ago and my asian normal to oil hair loves it! The fact that it helps with itching and dry scalp too is just amazing. I think if you follow this up for the massage spa mask(just for the scalp), u might start to love it too ^^

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