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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rosette Hello Kitty Moist & Lift Mask

Rosette has a small skincare line with Hello Kitty which as it seems is quite popular now. Rosette has fabulous skincare (I have to review the Soys line soon which is my current favorite facecare line!) so I didn´t hesitate to pick up 3 pcs of their Hello Kitty Moist & Lift Mask despite the rather high price of US$14/3 pcs (on Ebay).

Awwwwwww! Hello Kitty is showing us how to use the masks! Isn´t that too cute?

The cut and fit of the mask isn´t perfect in my opinion. It´s too wide at the top which means you´d have to stick it on your hair and makes the mask peel off a few times when wearing it for 15 minutes.
The thin cotton cloth is soft and comfortable otherwise though.

The essence the masks are saturated with is fragranced with a yummy candied apple scent...Hello Kitty´s favorite! =D
The liquid is on the lightweight not overly nourishing side so I honestly don´t notice much moisturization as I am used from most sheet masks however I notice an instand brightening effect which I think is rather nice (but something most other cheaper sheet masks can do as well).

Overall these masks are cute and smell good but they aren´t among the best I tried. Right now my favorite masks are from Simply and Simply Sexy Look (which I reviewed recently) and my old fave Kanebo Kracie Hadabisei (the black ones).


Laura L said...

the packaging is lovely.... i would collect them :)

Juli said...

wow $14 for just 3?!?!? that's a lot! i LOVE LOVE LOVE ebay...i've been on it since i was 16 (i said i was 18 when i joined LOL)

i recently bought 100 MBD masks for exactly $100... ahhahha.. yes... i'm a mask whore :p

too bad they're not the best of masks :[ else they'd probably be a big hit!

Catherine said...

Ah those are so cute!!

alison*elle said...

omigosh, these are adorable! I know what you mean about sheet masks being a bit annoying though.

. said...

The packaging is too adorable! And the steps for use with the Hello Kitty..awwww!!!

BeautyOnTheWay said...

The packaging is so cute, I can't resist to buy one if i see it. But sad to know it's not very good mask.

Unknown said...

LOL! I love the hello kitty picture instructions. ^0^

Georgina said...

glad to see Hello Kitty lose a bit of cuteness when wearing a face mask, she's just like us hahaha!

seriously, this is too cute rosette has cute yet effective products, but yeah, they're quite expensive :(

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