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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Isqueen Whitening Essence Collagen Mask value pack

I´ve been indulging in more stuff from Isqueen with my recent Sasa orders as there were quite a few products that looked worth trying.

Isqueen offers 2 value packs of sheet masks of which each contains 2 packs of masks (6 pcs/each so 12 masks total of either the Whitening Essence Collagen Mask or the Moisturizing Essence Collagen Mask) and a 15ml tube of their Crystal White Moist Peeling Pack. The whole bunch costs are mere US$12.40 which is a steal in my opinion.

I purchased both packs but will review the Whitening Essence Collagen Mask set which comes in the pink box today.

The Crystal White Moist Peeling Pack is a lightweight gel which you spread on your cleansed dry skin and massage it in until you feel small grains forming (those are supposedly your dead skin cells and pore-deep dirt!) and then you just wash it off. It really works as almost instantly after starting rubbing the gel into my skin I can feel those small beads forming.

I think this makes my skin very smooth and soft and it´s a perfect prep for the mask afterwards. My skin doesn´t get tight but it looks a little irritated (as in a bit red) afterwards so I am not completely digging this stuff. I use it but only once in a while... and the scent is a bit weird but it´s bearable.
I use this stuff on and off to exfoliate as my skin gets smooth and soft but I think if you have sensitive skin like me you shouldn´t use this too often.

What Sasa has to say about this stuff:
"IsQueen Crystal White Moist Peeling Pack brings you bright, smooth and instantly whitened skin.
  • Natural papaya proteinase can instantly soften aged keratin, speeding up the flaking of freckles and colour patches.
  • Vitamin PP can effectively improve uneven and dull skin tone and help retaining a long lasting whitening effect.
  • Amino acid moisturizing factor can replenish water and nutrient to skin, solving problems of roughness and dehydration.
  • Hyaluronic acid can effectively balance the water supplying system of skin, constantly moisturize, smooth dry skin lines and prevent formation of tiny wrinkles."
The Whitening Essence Collagen Masks are nicely cut thus fit my face well. The (slightly thick) cloth is soft and is saturated with lots of liquid (can´t see the amount written anywhere on the box). The mask stays on well on my face so I don´t feel it slides down constantly.

I expected the masks to be heavily perfumed like some other Isqueen masks I tried before but to my delight the Whitening Essence Collagen Mask have only a very light nice scent so nothing bothersome there in my opinion.

The masks feel nice and cooling and leave my skin moisturized and soft (like pretty much most sheet masks unless they irritate my skin). I also can notice a slight brightening effect so I am pretty pleased with the masks.

The masks contain Collagen, Aloe Essence, Nano-Vitamin A etc.
Overall this is a decent mask set and a good value for money. It´s not my favorite (which are currently the Simply/Sexy Look masks) but a good buy nonetheless!


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