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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer giveaway!

Japan Beauty, a great online shop for Japanese beauty products, offered me to send me some products for a summer giveaway here on my blog!

You can win 2 full-sized goodies perfect for the summer time (and beyond of course!)

Both products are from Sana and I reviewed both of them already!
You can win:
-Covercom Stick Foundation in 01 (review here!)
-Hiaruronsan Hyaluronic Acid gel (review here!)

Of course both products are brand new, fresh and unopened!

To enter please do the following:

-Be a follower of my blog

-Please go to Japan Beauty and do either of the following things:
Please either list (down in the comments section) 3 products with links to the shop which you have tried and are effective for you (this would be great to share your opinions) OR if you haven´t tried Japanese products yet or any that are not listed in the shop please post 3 links to items in the shop you would be interested to try.

-Giveaway open to worldwide, shipping via airmail!

-I will close the giveaway in 2 weeks from now, that´s June 26th at 3 PM (my time, Vienna-Zurich timezone). Winner will be chosen randomly after giveaway closes.

-Winner must email me ( within 48 hours after close of giveaway or other winner will be chosen.

Good luck and thanks for participating!!


nana said...

3 Japanese items that i am currently using:
1) Hadalabo Arbutin Deep Shirojyun Whitening Emulsion

2)Hadalabo Arbutin Deep Shirojyun Whitening Essence

3)Utena White Skin Pack

I must say, these 3 items are i-must-have items. I have sensitive skin, but my skin dint break out after using these items, not like other products that i have, these are 5 stars items for skin whitening for me..

nana said...

3 Japanese items that i am currently using:
1) Hadalabo Arbutin Deep Shirojyun Whitening Emulsion

2)Hadalabo Arbutin Deep Shirojyun Whitening Essence

3)Utena White Skin Pack

I must say, these 3 items are i-must-have items. I have sensitive skin, but my skin dint break out after using these items, not like other products that i have, these are 5 stars items for skin whitening for me..

CherryColors said...

Yay for the giveaway!

I'm currently not using any japanese MU, but I'd like to try the following..

(Kose Collagen masks)

(KOSE Junkisei Prime Oil Cleansing)

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion 3.3oz)

abby said...

I haven't tried any japanese product yet, but I'd like to try:

. said...

3 Japanese items that I use and like:


I love the lash base because it makes my flat asian lashes actually hold curl, and it increases length and volume quite a lot by itself.


I use this eyeliner a lot because it's so easy to use. Just twist-click and ready to go xD

And I'm seriously thinking about getting some Koji eye talk to increase the size of my double eyelid!


Unknown said...

I'd like to try some products :)
*KAO Liese Hair Styling Water for Hair Dryer
*Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
*Kanebo Lunasol Water Cream Foundation 30g

laetitia said...

well i've tried these two




and currently using this, as its cheaper than the two above. i like tense up ex (the drink) but it's too expensive, although i saw immediate results

♥ Starryxuan said...

3 stuffs that im using:




Me love jap products =)=)

jkim said...

here are 3 items that i am currently using:

+ biore cleansing oil - in my opinion, this affordable cleansing oil rivals many of the high end ones.
+ rohto lycee eye drops for contacts - by far the best eye drops i've ever used. i especially love the scent!
+ oshima tsubaki/camellia hair oil - this oil is a very versatile moisturizer. i use it both on my hair and my face.



3 Japanese items that I mostly use :


this powder is unclog pores, the shades suit my skin and have cute packaging.


I like this purple eyeshadow, it makes my eyes look gorgeous without being like have been punch


This is my HG mascara, make my eyelash longer.

maria. said...

Im in love with missha product, but ive only chosen one! and these are the products i'm interested in :D




i love you and your blog! <3<3

x maria

Joy said...

I've never tried any Japanese items, but I would love to try:
1) Missha M Vita BB Cream (
2) KOSE Clear Turn Hyaluronic Acid White Face Mask (
3) B&C Laboratories TSURURI Black German Clay Pore Peeling Gel for Nose (

notme_ said...

i would like to try
Hakubi C Gel

Mandom Barrier Repair Baby UV Makeup Base

<a href=">Shiseido Majolica Perfect Automatic Liner</a>

and also the Hiaruronsan Hyaluronic Acid gel which i couldn't find the link. i've began to see the benefits of hyaluronic acid ^^

x3dESiREE said...

i would really like to try:

1) F Cup Cookies
-as embaressing as it is, i really would hope they would work and i plan to purchase them in the future
2) Kao Prettia dye - i've heard many fantastic raves about it and it's another must purchase in the future.
3)Cure aqua gel

these are probably the first few things i plan to purchase if i go japan next year. ^^

sarah8713 said...

I'm interested to try the following 3 products from the Japan Beauty website:

jeanchristie said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

I've only tried one Japanese product before which is not listed in Japan Beauty's site (SK II Miracle Water).

Here's my two cents on it:
I find that its really good for the overall maintenance of my skin. Refines the pores and gives my skin a healthy glow.

I'd love to try the following though :)

1. Anna Sui's luxury face powder (

2. Dr. Ci: Labo BB Perfect Cream Shiny (

3. Canmake Cheek & Highlight (

Thank you! :))

Lucy said...

I'm a follower under ! I go to your blog several times a day to see if you've updated... LOL
I'd like to try:

Cheek Make up Candy Doll Carrot Orange

DHC ACNE Whitening Gel

B&C LABORATORIES Tsururi Kobana Tsururi Pen

They all look really interesting... Never seen this website before!

MaryJoyce said...

This is such a generous giveaway. Thanks to you and Japan Beauty

3 products i am itching to try:
1.Kanebo Lunasol Modeling Water Modeling Water Liquid Foundation SPA17 PA+

2. SHISEIDO Mat Scope Foundation Clear Type

3. Kanebo Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation Set with Case OC-02

Rica said...

Firstly, I want to try

1. Laneige - Powder Blushes. They look nice, and the brand seems good.

2. Laneige Whitening Skin Care products. I'm all with Skin Care Whitening products for my face scars. I want to try them out as well.

3. I haven't tried any Shiseido Integrate products. I would love to try them out, starting from their liquid foundation.

TanyaMarie said...

Hi! I am a follower :)

I haven't tried Japanese products but I know it's awesome!
I'd love to try



mandy said...

I would really love to try

1. Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

2. Fancl Pore Essence

3. Paul & Joe Beaute Whitening Serum

liz said...

hi,I would love to participate in this giveaway,I'm your follower through Google Friend Connect..

i havent try it dear :)
then this is what i like :)

email me :)

thankies for helding this giveaway

Unknown said...

oo. loving the japanese products :)
haven't tried any yet.




I wonder why the last eyeliner is so expensive.
they sound great to me!

Sweetsnow said...

I'm currently using this and I love how it extends my lashes without weighing my lashes. The price is also relatively cheap.

I stopped taking this as it's rather costly. The instant bottled drinks are more effective, as you can see the glow on your face quite quickly. However, although this powder mix do not show much effect instantaneously, my general skin condition did improve slightly and remained that way.

I LOVE this! Not only did I get fairer, overall complexion and skin condition improved significantly! But once again, it's too costly to consume this longterm.

Anh Chocola said...

I would love to use:

Dolly Wink lashes

Body Pearl Powder

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent

I fell in love with the Dolly Wink lashes when I was in Japan, but somehow missed out on buying them and I'm regretting it to the deepest. As for the body pearl powder - I'm an addict to shimmery skin and I love puffs like these. And the Eye Color Accent is just a simply must-have!

Sarahj said...

3 Japanese products I love and am using are:

1)Kose Esprique Precious Liquid Eyecolor in GD002
really nice and pretty shimmery liquid gold eye color, and stays all day

2)Fiberwig Mascara
Never ever smudges! And makes lashes long

3) Kose Esprique Precious Dress On Moist Rouge
Such a pretty lipstick I have one in pink I think pk811


Edwina said...

Enter me pls :)

3 Japanese items that I'd like to try are:





Anonymous said...

I'm currently using these:


This gel can be applied over make-up, i'm using this on my eye area when working in air-conditioned office.


And finally this is something i would like to try:



Unknown said...

w00t giveaway~~

what i am using:
1. Tsubaki Shampoo | my HG shampoo. Awesoem smell, leaves my hair oft & shiny and th ebottle lasts forever.

2. IMJU fiberwig masacara | for the fake lash look <3 also very easy to remove.

3. Kose Fasio eye color | 5 pretty, matching colors > value for money compared to mose US brands where you get just 3.


-Yu- said...

You are so generous.
3 japanese items i would like to use are:


And currently using this:


I'm crazy about the base. One of my holy grail!

Jamie said...

I've tried few japanese products but amongst the very few I tried, I really liked these ones:

1. Aqua Juju Hyaluronic Acid toner

2. DHC Eyelash Growth Tonic

3. DHC Facial Scrub

I wouldn't say that these are my favorite products, but they are the best japanese products I've tried!

Thanks for hosting this giveaway Kathi! :)

Rena said...

Ohh, I would love to try these:



<33 Rena

celeste said...

3 Japanese items that I would like to try are:-




Valerie said...

3 products I use:
1. cheap but cute. Mine has a nude color and a champagne color both make greta highlighting colors.

2. I have Apricot and Grapefruit. A bit too sticky to use on the cheeks but really nice on the lips. Smells great too!

3. Really nice conditioner but it leaves my hair a bit greasy. On the hunt for something lighter!

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please!! I'm a new follower via google, as fisiwoman
I don't have tried any Japanese product, but I'd like to try:
-Kanebo KATE Lasting Designing Eyebrow
-Teka Zero Oil Control Mat Powder

Ana Belén R.M

mkt350 said...

I've been wanting to try these items because I heard this brand is pretty good and its free from harmful ingredients. The next time I am in the market for new skincare, I am definitely buying this line! =D

Bijin Blair said...

I'd love to even out my skintone and reduce breakouts:

1. Orbis Acne Spots Essence (Medicated)

2. Dr.Ci:Labo Super White 377

3. Albion Exage White Whitening Milk II

Kathi and Japan Beauty, thanks for the giveaway!

Buttons and Lace said...

I've never ordered from this site, but I think that I might just try out:
Really like its proposed benefits- especial the oil control.
I really like the sound of both this product and the underarm brightener that you can also purchase. As bad as it sounds, I do have habitually bad underarms, so something thats going to help make them pretty would be great!
This one I could buy any number of places, but if I were to buy the other two, I would definitely buy this one. Lots of people say that this one is a darker color, which is nice for my tan skin! I love that its supposed to be oil control too. I have to admit though, the thing I like most is that so many beauty blogs say they like it (even if its too dark for their fair skin).

I'd probably order some other things too, but these three for sure.

skaki said...

Nice giveaway.
I never used any Japanese products.
3 items i would to try would be-



I am a follower of your blog.
i blogged your giveaway in my blog.


Jo said...

I haven't tried any Japanese makeup on the site, but I'd love to try the

Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek Tint:

Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On:

Kiss Me Lift Moist Q10 Concealer SPF20 PA++:


Ti_Amo said...

Like to try:
Missha M BB Cream Watery

Kose Visee Blackish Forming Eyes B3

Esprique Precious Symphonic Eyes F3

Marii said...

I would like to try:

1)SKIN FOOD Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Tint


3)Suqqu Makeup Base Creamy

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Ashley said...


I haven't tried any japanese items yet, but have always been a big fan of them from seeing them in all sorts of Asian magazines.

I would like to try these 3 items:


ORBIS Oil Cut Whitening Wash White

Dolly Wink Eyelash No.4 (Feminine Style)

These items seem to be very popular that I have seen many of them in magazines. Thanks!

J said...

I haven't tried any Japanese makeup and would like to try the following just because I've heard so many good things about them:




Anonymous said...

1. I love the F-4 palette and want to get another one!

2. I want to try: Kanebo Kate Rouge Extra Lipstick

3. I've been thinking of trying:

eckness said...

I'm really sad that I havent' used any japanese products because i really want to, so I found the funnest looking ones =) (Nightingale droppings! dang) (cute looking eyebrow scissors =)) (the bear mascot for this concealor is too cute =))

sy said...

I usually use cosmetics from Korea, but i've been wanting to try Japanese ones too:
Shiseido Majolica Jewelling Eyeliner Pencil WT909

Kose Esprique Precious Cleansing Milk
HISAMITSU Lifecella Essence Mask Q10 + Squalene

Thank you for the giveaway :)

myolie said...

3 japanese items that i like are
love love this bb cream, it is light so it is not cakey,feels comfortable on my face even under the sun. instead of tinted moisturizers i wear this.

love this mask, doesnt irritate my face and is refreshing.after i use this my face is soft in the morning

use this before i apply my bb cream, this make up base makes my face smooth for easier bb cream application and it alsodoes not make my pores very obvious.

Shasha said...

i'd would like to try:




mirr said...

I'd like to try:



yiling said...

items i have tried:
just got these and absolutely love it! made my skin hydrated and supple.

i switched to water based m/u remover after my beautician told me i shouldn't use cleansing oil as it clogs my pores. And this is my fav! Gone through about 3 bottles.

I use this as heat protector before i curl my hair. It smells sooo nice! Something like berry candy hehe

Unknown said...

3 Japanese items that i am currently using:
1)Hada Labo SHA Moisturising Lotion

2)Hadalabo AAHA/BHA Face Foam

3)Shiseido White lucent range

They just work the best for my skin. And my skin once again rejuvenated.

Verlyn said...

I'll like to try:




Riikka said...

I would be interested to try:

1) Kracie Black Mask

2) Paul & Joe Moisturizing Serum

3) Elizabeth Pore's Care Pore Minimizing Serum

Social Butterfly said...

I would like to try these products out. They look so amazing!




Lots of kisses,


Anonymous said...

3 items from the site that I'm using and find effective:

1. Cuore K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP

***I use this when I want really thin lines, or days when I don't want heavy makeup. I have been using this one for a couple years now, and it lasts so long that I haven't needed to buy a new one yet.

2. Sana Covercom Stick

***I bought this from your blogsale and I love it, so I hope to win this one, cause I'll definitely repurchase. It has a matte finish, which is great for my oily skin. And the yellow undertone is perfect; not too yellow.

3. AHA Esthetic Soap

***I had my brother from in the US send me this :> since I ran out. I like this one because it's comparable to my dermatologist prescribed glycolic acid cleanser. This alpha hydroxy acid is strong enough for my acne-prone skin, and smells like apples!

Mandy said...

I haven't tried too many Japanese products, but I would like to try out

elleimay said...

thanks for the giveway :)

Here are products I'm loving :




Japanese cosmetics are far more efficient than some european brands...

hanidee said...

I haven't tried that many Japanese products, but these are ones I like.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Lavshuca Light Mix Eyes

Majolica Majorca lash Expander Frame Plus

I like how the Cure exfoliates without irritating my skin. I love how I can achieve a nice smoky look with the Light Mix Eyes without trying and the MM Lash Expander is my all time HG mascara. Holds a curl, lengthens my lashes and adds a bit of fullness without clumping. (:

Linda Nguyen said...

I never try any Japanese products, and I would love to try these 3 products out:




thanks (:

Unknown said...

would like to try:

Karla said...

I'm a follower.Yay! for the giveaway.
These are some that I wanna try
As my eyes tend to get dry,need this or the rohto eye moisturizer

From reading your blog,Iunderstood that japan lipstick tend to be on the sheerer side and neutral color w/c is what I like.

Wanna try to see if it's effective

Goodluck to us

Lynn Ho said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog as usual! :)

3 Japanese products which I have tried:-

1. KISS ME Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara
One of my hot favorites. I never a fan of using curler on lashes and yet, this mascara makes look as if they were curled. Not only that, it does really help to lengthen them too! Now I can longer lashes with minimum effort.

2. MANDOM Cleansing Express Makeup Cleansing Lotion Sebum Refresh
My favorite makeup remover even till now. Very convenient to use for lazy days. Just use cotton pad to wipe off and the best thing, it does not strip off the moisture on your left! Your face will still remain soft, smooth & moisturized.

3. Kanebo Lunasol Water Cream Foundation 30g
One of the 1st cream foundation that I have bought. Although cream sounded very heavy, but yet this foundation is quite light-weighted and very hydrating on the skin. And of cause, not very rich moisturize that it will leave you oily-headed.


Nen said...

I haven't tried any of the items listed in Japan Beauty yet, but I would like to try the following products:




Amy said...

I would love to try:




BeautyOnTheWay said...

3 items I like very much:

Thanks for your giveaway!

kathyeffingjacobs said...

Oooh, I *just* dyed my hair with Beautylabo (inspired by your posts, actually), but they don't have the color I used, and it also wasn't a bubble dye. I would love to try Beautylabo Whip Hair Color in Maple Chocolate, though.

I only recently started trying Japanese cosmetics (and love what I've got), so there's nothing on Japan Beauty that I'm using now. However, Majolica Jewelling Eyes is also on my wishlist - all the shades, actually, but PK785 is my favorite.

And I really want to try a Lavshuca lippie - I think Dramatical Memory Rouge is the one I'm going to start with, probably in PK-3.

A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Piper said...

I haven't tried any yet, but have been lusting over a few! My three choices are -

nettysgirl at

Fiona said...

I'd like to try:

Emma said...

I would like to try:




Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

Yay !

I'm currently not using any japanese products but i heard so much, but I'd like to try the following..
1- Kanebo KATE Cheek Color

2-Kanebo Lavshuca Pore Concealer Base

3- iSHIZAWA LABS Nanoce BB Cream Healthy Ocre Shade

my email

missann said...

I would like to try:

herroyalbleakness said...

i'm a follower.

here are the Japanese products I'm interested to try:

Jenny said...

3 Japanese items that I would love to try are:

1. Shiseido Collagen Tablets

1. Shiseido Collagen Tablets

2. Wakilala Underarm Bright Essence

3. Dr.Ci:Labo Hibiscus Enriched Aqua Collagen Gel

imcarvalho said...

I've tried:
-> Rohto HADALABO Gokujyun Hyaluronic Lotion - this is SO GREAT!

Wanted to try:
-> ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops (for Contact Lens) - This isn't makeup or anything like that, but my eyes are so sensitive to AC that this could really help

-> Kanebo Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation Set with Case OC01 - I've heard to many good things about this foundation that I really want to try it!

chloe said...

3 items I would love to try:
1) Dolly Wink Eyelashes No. 2
2) KATE Gel Eyeliner
3) Lavshuca Light Mix Eyes

Nuku-Nuku said...

Hi! I have 3 items, i bought in ebay some months ago:
BB Misha Boomer
Super BB triple functions, Skin79
Skinf Food- peach sake pore serum

I like all, I am very impressed with the results *-*


Pinkiland said...

In Spain we do not have these products, so I choose which I like to try some day!

HISAMITSU Hello Kitty Eyedrops ->

Chocoable EpiPack for face ->

Pore clear make-up base ->

Kai said...

I have used the IMJU Fiberwig Mascara before:

It's definitely one of my fave mascara, and it REALLY lengthens and volumizes. Except it uncurls, so then i'd have to curl my lashes again. Not a "natural" looking mascara at all, but rather it gives a doll like or falsies like effect. Great for a night out!

I also would like to try Kanebo Lunasol Modeling Water fdnt:
since i'm really curious how different Japanese liquid fdnt might be, and if they do suit asian skin better.

and the Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl mascara:
because I keep hearing raves about this and how it makes lashes really long and curled. want badly!

babysaffron said...

Hi...3 items i'm dying to try...


Unknown said...

3 products I am interested in trying:

Fancl Pore Essence

SHISEIDO Aqualabel Bright White

B&C Laboratories TSURURI Black Head Remover Strong Stick

Am still trying to find some good blackhead removal and oil control products and I want to try out more whitening products.
thank you for the great giveaway.

reggi said...

I would love to try these three items:
1. Dr.Ci:Labo BB Perfect Cream Natural SPF30 PA++-- (because I've been wanting to try BB creams but haven't had the chance)
2. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (heard a lot of good things about this eyeliner)
3. Suqqu Blend Cheek in 03 Yanwaricha

i wish i could pick more than 3 items! if i could i would try everything! hahah =)

jia said...

The items that i'll like to try!:D

(Shiseido Aqualabel White UV Cut Milk SPF29)

(Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner)

(Kose Visee Nudity Rouge)


hello, my english is very bad, sorry.
la coruña- españa
¡I´like participar in your giveaway¡
A kiss for you and thanks so much

KT said...

3 Items I'd like to try :D
I'm in major need of a liquid eyeliner hahaha

Jellybean said...

The following are the three items i would like to try:




Thank you :)

Lora said...

1. Kanebo KATE Quick Eyeliner


I love this eyeliner! It glides on and applies really well. When it dries, it doesn't crack either which is great! It has a very sharp tip so it's great for getting into the areas between your lashes.

2. Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On


This is my absolute favorite mascara! It holds a curl like no other. My lashes were still looking fabulous even after I accidentally fell into the river a few times while river rafting!

3. TSUYAGLA PERFECT TP-3000 Cordless hair iron


I haven't tried this product but I would super love to try it!!!

Thank you for this giveaway!

Agatha said...

Not using any of the products atm, but i'd loove to try:

~ Dr.Ci:Labo BB Perfect Cream Shiny SPF30 PA++--

~Missha shiny bb cream

~Dolly wink liquid eyeliner

aur0rapanda said...

1.KOSE VISEE Brilliance Forming Eyes

2.Kanebo KATE Makeup Base UV

3.Meiji Amino Collagen Tablet (I heard this is awesome)


Eva said...

i'm a follower with the name, evil_eva12

i would love to try:

they seem like really nice products :)

Sleepy Beauty said...

I'm your follower.

I've tried these 3 products -




These products are really effective in making my skin smooth, bright and hydrated.

Reviews on my blog -

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