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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clé de Peau Beauté Satin Eye Color in #101 & 102

Clé de Peau is Shiseido´s super high-end brand costing seriously lots of money. I am not the person to spend US$45 (+tax) on an eyeshadow *single* (I will on a quad/quint etc. though) but since there is eBay there are always nice deals coming along so I am the proud owner of 2 Clé de Peau Satin Eye Colors for less than the price of 1 =)

Clé de Peau is pretty much available internationally but sure here at the makeup butt of the world we don´t have it (well, I am sure they´d rob us €50 or so per shadow!)...anyway, at least we have internet to get what we want from abroad =D

Anyway, the compacts are the typical elegant night blue and golden ones you might know from other CdP products. Very luxurious and elegant as you would expect for such a pricey item.
The applicator that comes with the Satin Eye Colors is a standard sponge-applicator...nothing spectacular and actually they could have included one with a sponge and a brush on the other end. But anyway, I use my own tools so I am ok with that.

The eyeshadows are shaped somewhat like jewels which is quite pretty in my opinion.
The texture of these is not really soft but silky (sort of like baked shadows) and they are well-pigmented with a gorgeous pearl shimmer. The shadows don´t crumble or fly around at all so they are pleasant to apply. I find the darker color I got (#102) is a bit hard to blend though and can look uneven until I put a few layers. That´s quite annoying but the final result is really nice so I can live with that.

Staying power is not the best though. I found the colors faded a good deal after 6-8 hours. I rarely wear makeup for longer times than this but I expect my shadows to stay put for a timespan of 8-10 hours at least. I didn´t experience creasing or irritations.
Overall I think these are good but not outstanding so not worth the retail price in my opinion. If you can score them on eBay or so they are definitely nice to add to one´s stash.

101 is an off-white shade whereas 102 is a deep bluish gray.


stellina said...

I agree with you: I have a quad & a lipstick that I got from Ebay and while it's nice stuff, it doesn't merit the regular price. I wear Shiseido The Makeup foundation & have some of their other products and I really don't see the difference. Here in the States, it's only sold at very posh stores.

I was in Austria a few years ago (Vienna & Graz), a beautiful country but not the best for beauty shopping (I did stock up on Labello because it's not sold here). Now chocolate is a different story... the best in the world!

Beauty Basics said...

nice combination in colour.

Ashley said...

The color looks really pretty on you! :3

Katie said...

Very pretty!

...SimMiChikO said...

i love love love cle de peau. blogs that talk about it always catches my attention. thanks for sharing, love! the colors are gorgeous on you!

April said...

Hi, I totally agree with you!
Eye shadows from the Shiseido family (Maquillage, The Makeup and Cle de Peau) never have good staying power on me, for some reason. However, I haven't really seen any similar opinions when reading reviews on Japanese websites, I was wondering if there's anyone with the same opinion as me.

I think they all have lovely texture, very soft and creamy, but they just don't work for my eyes.

I personally don't see any difference in quality between these lines, so Cle de Peau, being on the top range of prices, is definitely not worth the price tag!

I have recently ordered Chicca's eye shadow, a high-end line from Kanebo, and I can't wait to try it out!

fuzkittie said...

Woo very luxurious. I was looking at their lippies at the counter, the silky lip color went up to 50+ usd! @.@ The lipstick alone is 65 bucks, it's insane.

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