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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First venture into Dereon Cosmetics Baviphat (Peach All-in-one Waterfull Cream)

Until maybe a few weeks ago I never even heard of a Korean brand called "Baviphat" (by Dereon Cosmetics)...
I discovered the brand somehow by coincidence on eBay as I was searching for a certain product from Innisfree and the seller had this Baviphat brand listed in his shop. The Peach All-in-one Waterfull Cream caught my interest so I got it for around US$14 (retails for 8500 Won in Korea but i don´t´s still cheap to me).

To my delight the cream (or gel as it should be called) came with a cute small jar containing their Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack to try out and couple of other sample sachets.

The Peach All-in-one Waterfull Cream comes in a pretty huge peach-colored and somewhat weird and fruit-shaped jar containing a generous 100g. I think it´s somehow cute somehow odd to look at hehe =D
This is a lightweight rather wet gel which seems to contain a good amount of water (it contains peach extract, aloe vera gel, beta glucan, hyaluronic acid etc, rosemary extract etc.). It smells like fresh peaches, no artificial sweet scent but more like the real thing (seriously delicious!).

It´s a very nice light moisturizer to use in the summer or when you have normal-oily skin. Drier skin-types might find this not hydrating and moisturizing enough though when used on its own. I like to use this as the last step of my skincare, after my moisturizing milk so it´s a perfect extra goodie for my normal-dry and somewhat dehydrated skin.

This doesn´t leave a sticky film behind at all and the scent doesn´t linger long. I don´t have any problems with irritations when using this so I am really happy with my first product from Baviphat.
Overall a pretty nice item from this new brand. I´ll definitely check out more from this brand.

The Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack smells absolutely yummy, very much like a true sweet apple juice. It´s an emollient gel-cream to apply before you sleep and wash off in the morning. I tried it a few nights and it honestly doesn´t do anything for me. My skin doesn´t feel different from when I just use my regular skincare.

Maybe you noticed that I am not posting much these days... I am very busy with my studies & kids these days so I can´t post as much as I want to... I should be back to post more come July!

Soon I´ll post a giveaway so keep an eye out! =D


Unknown said...

These look super cute. I have never come across this brand before until now.

The cream looks so cool and refreshing (I'am fully aware it's non

Thank you for sharing =)

fuzkittie said...

The peach one looks SO yummy, i wanna eat it, hahaha.

Mari said...

This looks great! Is it silicone based??

. said...

Ahh~ It's okay, everyone has lives of their own =)

The moisturisers are ADORABLE!!! I love hte fact that the peach one is actually peach coloured!

Anonymous said...

look so cute!!! I love the package!!!

MiuMiu said...

i saw this store while i was still in korea last year and was so curious about it, kinda regret not getting anything there though. the stuff inside was very much like benefit and lush (and a few others that i can't remember) mixed together in terms of packaging. i only remember seeing 1 store have its grand opening too

Anonymous said...

this is too cute. looks way yummy! i understand your study and kids interfering your posting. but i read all of them. just to let you know!

♥ Starryxuan said...

The peach one look so cute! reminds me of the tonly moly peach cream :P

sy said...

i love the fruit packaging! so cute!! hmm i really want to try it now haha /off to ebay

BeautyOnTheWay said...

I love the peach packaging, so cute!

Unknown said...

it's a pity it didn't do too much. but the packaging is super cute. Makes me want to just bite into it ^_^ thanks for the post.

Laura L said...

sooo cute :) i heart the peach

KT said...

could you tell us where you bought it?

Sheila said...

Read about Baviphat from this website (they sell the super duper cute fruit masks too), it appears that Dereon partnered with Baviphat for a few of their product lines

Anonymous said...

Which eBay seller did you buy it from?

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