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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baviphat Mango Magic Brightening Mask & Apple Soft Lipbalm

I ordered a few more goodies from Baviphat last week and the first 2 arrived just after a few days (shipping from allover Asia is really fast these days!).

This time I got the Mango Magic Brightening Mask (US$9.89) and the Apple Soft Lipbalm (I paid US$5.89), both from eBay. The mask came with a free trial size of the Apple AC Sleeping Pack (which I reviewed along with the Peach Waterfull Cream here).

The Mango Magic Brightening Mask supposedly deeply cleanses and brightens your complexion with the use of super fine oxygen-bubbles.
It comes in a cute bulky shiny yellow jar (not as cute as the peach one though) and contains 100g.

I actually expected a gel which would foam up upon contact with my skin (though I wasn´t sure how it would work to have this filled in a jar as my logic told me the mask would create bubbles as soon as it comes in contact with air like other oxygen masks) but this is a very thick hard, almost waxy cream with little orange spheres spread throughout.

My skin doesn´t tolerate cream and gel masks well in general...I can use the majority of sheet masks but just not cream masks for the most part.

I tried the Mango Magic Brightening Mask couple of times now and really like it. I spread a layer on my skin so it looks white at the beginning but after 3 minutes (the mask is recommended to be left on 2-3 minutes and then to be rinsed off) the mask looks mostly clear with some white streaks where I applied it extra thickly. It doesn´t tickle like other oxygen masks though as those create bubbles and this mask doesn´t.

The mask has a light fruity´s not really that good but since it´s light it doesn´t bother me. It also has this typical oxygen-mask smell which is hard to describe... but it´s there.
Anyway, the mask doesn´t sting or burn on my skin at all, it feels actually nice and my skin feels very soft and looks bright and clear after using this.
I really like this stuff and will continue using this 2x or so per week.

The Apple Soft Lipbalm is filled into a cute little matte red apple jar and is lightly tinted with a soft red hue. It smells really yummy like a sour apple candy but it doesn´t really taste good...very soapy and the balm itself is waxy and hard. It gives a semi-glossy finish with a light tint which is pretty but overall this isn´t really worth purchasing.

I am giving away 3 sample sachets of the Mango Magic Brightening Mask to the first 3 readers (1 sachet/reader) to email me. All gone, sorry! =D


fuzkittie said...

I ALWAYS miss your giveaways and your blog sales, there are too many vultures around always stalking your blog! xD The mango mask sounds awesome! I love mango

galpal.hi said...

The peach container was definitely cuter. The little apple balm container is cute too. Too bad it's not worth spending money to get the lip balm.

Thanks for reviewing.


Paris B said...

What a coincidence Kathi! I've just been exploring this brand myself (we just got a counter here) Will be checking your past reviews to see which you like ;)

GARNET said...

I know thí brand but never try.I think i should give it a try,sound interesting.

Laura L said...

oh, the packaging is sooo cute. oh, last weekend, I went to sasa outlet and i saw similar packaging too, but it was product by sasa :)

Unknown said...

those look amazing. I love the packaging, it's so cute. Do they come in ones that look like grapes too? haha

♥ Starryxuan said...

oh! it look so pretty! Love the apple one! :)

S said...

I went and bought the mango mask after reading this (and on sale for $7.91!). I can't wait to try it out for myself.

Strawberry Cube said...

Oh wow, that's some pretty adorable packaging! I love them~

Marife Floriano said...

Hi, where did you order this products?

brightening skin care products said...

Great article....!!!Nice to know about new things with helping concept.

Renca said...

Can you please write name of seller on Ebay, where you buy all this goods?

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