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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MuGu (Muli Guli) True Story Makeup Palette

I recently found a blog sale on this blog and was delighted to find a makeup palette from the cute Taiwanese beauy brand MuGu (Muli Guli) for sale.

MuGu seems to have lots of cute items but I wasn´t sure about the quality etc. so I was happy to take the chance to try out a complete makeup kit from this brand.

The MuGu True Story palette looks like a fat sweet pink book when it´s closed but opens to reveal 18 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 2 powders and 4 lipglosses.
More like children makeup to be honest but it´s a Taiwanese brand and I love cute things, right? =P

My review will be mainly focusing on the shadows and blushes... didn´t really try the powders and glosses and not intending to do so honestly.

The eye colors are all on the lighter and colorful side. There is no deep defining eye color in the palette which is a bit of a lack in my least a dark gray or a black shade for adding definition would have been a good idea.
The texture to my surprise is rather silky though the shadows have the tendency to be crumbly thus could fall onto your cheeks during application. That is quite annoying but since I do my eye makeup before my face I can live with crumbly shadows.

The pigment is decent in most colors but not very strong overall. You need to layer a bit to have a color show up better. And that´s where my problem starts: the more you layer the more you wipe off. The shadows are the kind that don´t really cling to your skin (or eyeshadow base... I always use one and the Coffret D´or one I stick with currently is quite good with 99% of the eyeshadows I use!) so on my lids the color can look somewhat uneven and boring after attempting to get the colors to show up better!

Also to me the shadows look a little dull as the finish tends to be on the matte-glittery side (like matte base with sparse glitters).
The palette is a good thing to play with colors or to use occasionally but the overall quality is not the best.
I also would like to add that half of the colors in the palette are nothing for me (like the yellows, brown, blues) but I am not into such bright colors in general.
The shadows seemed to irritate my eyes as they were tearing slightly all day long (something I nearly never experience with my eye makeup).

The 2 blushes are quite pigmented and have a shimmery finish. The pink looks quite nice but the other color is too strong/orange for my skin-tone.
The powders seem to offer minimal coverage and come in a very light and a light-medium color and the 4 glosses are sheer with glitters. I didn´t swatch them though so can´t comment on lasting power, finish etc.

For this EOTD I used shadows No. 4, 6 and 18. I attempted to define my creases and outer lids with #15 but it wouldn´t adhere to my lids.
Mascara is from Majolica Majorca, liners from Kose Cosmagic (inner rims) and Dolly Wink (upper lid):


Unknown said...

its a pity they don't layer very well for more pigment. I think the colours look really nice and great on you. :)
I like the colour of the blushes too. It's very pretty.

Thanks for the review~

♥ Starryxuan said...

the packaging look very sweet and the colours are pretty :) like your reviews :)

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