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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kosé Softymo Q10 Lift Cleansing & Q10 Lift Wash

The Q10 range from Kosé Softymo seems to be quite extensive as they have everything from bath essence (a liquid oily bath), body lotions, hand creams, face care etc. So far I love everything I tried from this line and will continue trying out new things.

I picked up the Q10 Lift Cleansing and Q10 Lift Wash about 3 months ago on Sasa but didn´t get round to using the goodies until recently.
Their slogan is: "A soothing touch that keeps your skin active and brilliant." Hehe...

I first was puzzled about the difference between the Lift Cleansing and Lift Wash...the Lift Cleansing is a cream-type makeup remover and the Lift Wash is a very mild slightly foaming wash so first use the Cleansing and then the Wash.

Both of these come in silver colored plastic squeeze-tubes (150g of the Lift Cleansing and 120g of the Lift Wash) with flip-tops. I believe they´re both unscented however the Lift Wash seems to carry a light orangey scent to me.

The Q10 Lift Cleansing is a smooth rich cream you apply on your dry made-up face and massage it to dissolve makeup and dirt. Then just rinse it off with warm water.
This seems to be effective in removing face makeup and rinses off nicely but nonetheless it leaves my skin super smooth and moisturized. While I am used to the power of cleansing oils I have to admit that I enjoy this item a lot! I think it´s because it´s being rinsed off.. I dislike cleansing milks one should just wipe off with cotton pads!
All in all this is really nice and pefect for dry skin and/or cold weather when other skin-types might feel dry or tight.
Contains Coenzyme Q10 and Shea Butter.

The Q10 Lift Wash is an extremely interesting product. When you squeeze it out it looks like petroleum jelly. It´s a translucent white extremely thick paste with an almost oily feel. However when you rub it onto your wet skin it foams up to create a very moisturizing foam (not a very dense one though) which aids in cleaning my skin thoroughly however it doesn´t dry my skin out at all so this is the ideal companion for the Lift Cleansing.
Contains Coenzyme Q10 and Shea Butter.

I paid about US$7-8 for each of those 2 goodies on Sasa. I am very pleased with both and think they are wonderful cleansers for dry skin. To me these are probably the most moisturizing makeup remover and face cleanser I tried from Japanese brands to date.


Connie De Alwis said...

Thanks for the review! I'm currently using the Softymo cleansing oil and I have back ups (means I love it!)
I'll definitely look into this one when I have friends travelling to Hong Kong. They're sadly, not available where I am

Mischievous Mack said...

I loved the softmyo Q10 powder wash, and I really liked it! I will have to pick these two up. They sound interesting. Especially since the Lift wash looks like petroleum jelly... how odd!

I'm having a giveaway of some Korean skin care items, come enter? :)

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