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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kao Bioré U Body Wash Yasuragi Green

By now I have switched all my beauty products incl. body care and hair care to Japanese (and some Korean and Taiwanese) brands. Perhaps I am just a sucker for the exotic-ness of those products but I personally feel that Japanese beauty products are just the best ones one can get =)

There are several big bottles of various body soaps up for grabs on eBay (I wish Sasa would stock more body washes as that´s one of the few areas they don´t really cater well!). Alphabeautyuk has (or had?) the Body Soaps from Kanebo Kracie Naive for good prices so I picked up 5 bottles (and some refills) of those (which means I should have like 2 years worth of body soaps from Naive now!). I like the Naive ones but none of them really smells very fresh, more on the fruity or floral side, so I got a big bottle of Kao Bioré U Body Soap in Yasuragi Green from another seller (a little expensive if you ask me!).

Anyway, despite that stupid and over-hyped ash cloud and SAL shipping the Body Soap (which I ordered along with a few items from Kosé Softymo) arrived within just 12 days from Japan!

The Bioré U Body Soap Yasuragi Green comes in a huge 580ml bottle with a pump dispenser. In my experience this amount would last for about 2 months with daily usage!

The Body Soap has a pale green color and smells really yummy...a fresh blend of green tea, lemon and herbs. A perfect treat for summer as the scent is really refreshing! I think I will have to order a refill and take this to Egypt (I´ll be there from approx. 20th of July-end of August).

This doesn´t dry out my skin however it doesn´t leave it moisturized either. Just clean and with a nice scent. I always follow up with moisturizer anyway but if you have dry skin you should probably look for something more moisturizing like a shower oil or a shower cream. While my face is really dry and sensitive my body skin is normal and not sensitive at all so I am enjoying this body wash very much.

Available also as a refill if you have a big pump bottle already The refill contains only 420ml though.

I got mine on eBay from kawaiikimono for US$14.99 plus SAL shipping (which means the package will be treated like economy mail in Japan and my country but will be shipped from country to country by plane... in my opinion it´s pretty fast and quite a bit cheaper than Airmail especially for heavier items!)
I see has some Bioré U soaps, too!


Sandra said...

is the kao bioré the same brand as the bioré in north ameria ?

kalopsia said...

Hm, I don't like drugstore body washes... it dries out my skin and uses ingredients that I am often allergic too. Although I did get some happy bath green tea bar soap as a gwp when I bought some skincare stuff recently and have enjoyed it a lot!

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