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Friday, May 21, 2010

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Orbis Gradation Eyes in PU (Purple)

Recently I found some great deals for (discontinued) items from Orbis on A Japanese brand eyeshadow trio for less than US$10 shipped (though it retails for around US$17 normally)? I am intrigued! Well, I didn´t like the color choiced that much but the purple one looked pretty so I ordered this along with some lipsticks (for US$8.99/each) and 9 nail polishes (US$24.99 for all!)...all from Orbis, a Japanese mail order brand (as far as I know hehe).

The Gradation Eyes comes in a very plain smooth silver compact, reminds me a bit of RMK. Price-wise the items run around the same numbers as Kate and Lavshuca.
This eyeshadow palette offers 3 hues of purple from pale to dark which is something so immensely popular among Japanese brands.

The eyeshadows are on the harder side but blend well and have a gorgeous metallic shimmer. The 2 lighter shades are sheer but the darkest one is quite pigmented with a beautiful dose of blue, red and silver shimmer. Overall quite a pleasant texture but not the best I encountered among Japanese eye colors.

I love the color combo of white, pale lavender and cool dark purple. Actually the dark purple really stands out and is cooler than the average Japanese purple shadows (as they tend to be on the reddish side).

Staying power is good, just like the majority of shadows it stays pretty much the whole day with minimal fading.

All in all a decent shadow and great if you need a little colorful palette for a good price and of good quality. Perfect for traveling or toting around (though the smooth silver surface will probably be scratched quite quickly!)

For my EOTD I also used the Majolica Majorca purple liner and purple mascara from the summer collection I reviewed recently.


Mabel said...

The smokey purple look looks really good on you!

verlyn said...

this purples look awesome on ur eyes (: maybe u will want to do a pic eye makeup tutorial ?

Unknown said...

I agree with you, they do remind me of the RMK too. Purple really compliment your eyes. You have beautiful eyes ^^

Haru said...

hey Kathi,
The eye look is so pretty! Love the lashes and the liner as well as the mysterious smokey purple effect.

Kathi said...

Thank you ladies =D

Hey Iris, I love the liner and mascara a lot =) I am actually astonished myself as I usually find colored mascaras to be either tacky or not showing up at all. The MM one (while the formula is not perfect) is just gorgeous as it´s a very deep but noticable color!

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