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Friday, May 28, 2010

Cellnique Vital Cellular Repair Masque, D´Sensi Cream & Intensive Hydrating Complex

Cellnique is a Malaysian brand which is available worldwide as they ship internationally. I was contacted by their customer service a few months ago asking me to review a few of their products. Selina from the customer service was very friendly and helpful and sent me products fitting for my skin-type.

First I want to tell you that Cellnique will send a free sample of their Skin Action Sebum Gel to the first 50 readers to email them ( send them your name and mailing address and write "" in the subject line. Valid for 1 week after the product review and delivery will take about 4-6 weeks. So if you are keen on trying it email them quickly, please!
If you do I would also love if you can comment on this post, I am just curious how many of you will take this offer! But sure no must =)

Anyways, one to the products.
I got 3 full-sized products to be able to test-drive them well.

1. Vital Cellular Repair Masque:
Contains Yeast Beta Glucan, Vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid. It´s supposedly a very mild mask even suitable for post-operation skin.

This comes in a simple clear/silver jar with 50g contents. It´s thick green paste which reminds me of the stuff the dentist is using to make dental impressions hehe
It´s a nourishing wash-off mask so just apply a thick layer to your clean skin and leave it on for 20 minutes before you rinse it off. It has a slight and pleasant scent (as they call it it´s a tropical fruit scent).

When I used this the first time I wasn´t really impressed as I felt a burning sensation on my cheeks for the first 10 minutes so I didn´t feel comfortable with the mask on. After washing it off my skin looked slightly redder.

I used it more times and I didn´t have the same problem again, probably my skin was just stressed on the first day I tried it. My skin felt really soft and smooth and just relaxed so all in all I like this though I am not sure how extremely sensitive skin might handle this.

2. D´Sensi Cream:
This product is a daily moisturizer for very sensitive skin-types. It contains boerhavia diffusa root extract, vitamin E, squalane, rice bran oil, hyaluronic acid, lysine etc. It´s free of fragrance, parabens and colorants.

Honestly this is the one product that let me down... my skin tolerated this nicely smooth and silky cream and didn´t get any kind of allergic reaction however I got some small red bumps on my cheeks that didn´t want to disappear until

I stopped using this cream after 6 weeks of testing it out. I am not sure which ingredient caused it... I first thought it might be the dimethicone but I use other things with it and don´t have the same problem at all.
Overall a mild cream but nothing really for me.

3. Intensive Hydrating Complex:
This is my favorite product and the one that stood out in my opinion. Contains concentrated hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, rosehip oil and amino acids and lots of other good stuff (check the ingredients list!)

This is a lightweight liquid gel which you apply after cleansing and toning as it´s a serum-type treatment.
In my opinion this stuff is seriously moisturizing and a wonderful treat for thirsty skin as it makes it look plump and soft. I have meanwhile used up the whole bottle and definitely consider purchasing this now.

You can pat this on as a special treatment around eyes and/or use it on your whole face. I usually used about 4-5 drops for my whole face and 2 drops for my eyes and loved the results I got with this.

I also received samples of the Total Day Time Protection 30 and the Vital Repair Cleansing Milk.

The Vital Repair Cleansing Milk is a milky lotion to remove makeup (just spread on dry skin, massage and rinse or wipe off with cotton pad). It did a good job of removing lightweight face makeup such as a layer of BB Cream and powder. It made my skin feel smooth and didn´t irritate it at all.

The Total Day Time Protection 30 came in a small jar and is a thicker white cream. It blends well but I am not sure if it could leave a whitish cast on someone more tan than me. Otherwise it was comfortable to wear this and again didn´t irritate my skin.

Overall this is a high-quality brand and there are definitely some products in the line for everyone to enjoy. Cellnique caters all skin-types so I suggest checking their site (and products) out!

As per request from Cellnique here is my skin before I started using their products and after. This was taken a few weeks later (after I stopped using the D´Sensi Cream)




Mikael said...

I really like their skin sebum action gel. It works really well...

p.s: the masks that u sent to me is a love.... i will review it soon :)
thank u soo much <3

Joanna Peck said...

after reading so many rave reviews on the skin serum, I've sent off my email to ask for the free samples. I do hope they ship over the causeway. :)


Elana said...

I emailed them! I've read some pretty darn good reviews on their products, so I definitely am interested in trying them out ^^. Thanks!

I love reading your blog which is so full of reviews and updated frequently! =]

kathyeffingjacobs said...

I emailed them about the sebum gel sample. I feel like I've been seeing Cellnique mentioned quite a bit lately, and have been wanting to try them out, so, good timing!

Anonymous said...

I've sent an email and hopefully i get some serum to try

Unknown said...

i'm a malaysian but i have no idea cellnique originated here..(bad bad ash..hehe)
thanks for the review..! I emailed them too..
the last product you mentioned seems great. will try it out in the future..^^
<3 ur blog!

CL said...

I sent an email as well - thanks for the reviews! Hope I can get a sample :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to try out the product! :)

Michelle Mimi Ahn said...

i have always been more of a silent reader to your blog but i finally have just commented on your blog. love your reviews.

i emailed them as well
i wanted to try it as i am on the hunt for some good skincare products.

sy said...

thank you for the review!! i hope i'm one of the 50 \o/ i've been wanting to try Cellnique :)

Anonymous said...

I sent an email too! I hope to try it out! That serum also looks really nice...Thanks for the review, Kathi!

Lippi said...

i also emailed them for the sample!
never tried a malaysian brand so i'm kinda curious ;)

Evelyn said...

Hello, I sent in an email to them so cross fingers that I do get it =)

Thanks for the opportunity for this giveaway, and great blog you have here!

Majo Lucil said...

The product is highly praised by women who have sensitive skin. Most women look for a product that care for their skin and avoid from being damaged and have a long period of time of protection which this product have.

Mizu said...

I'm a Malaysian and I myself never heard of them..maybe because we here have less promotions for local cosmetics and skin care maybe...but it seems great on you

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