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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Elizabeth Tenshihada Multi Founde Cream SPF 25 PA++ (Angel BB Cream) in #1 Light Ocher

Seems Japanese brands are really starting to catch up with the BB Cream mania! I have about 4 now here to review so I´ll start with the cute new Tenshihada Multi Founde Cream SPF 25 PA++ from Elizabeth which is oh so cute!

I don´t know if you are familiar with Elizabeth which is a Japanese drugstore brand. They have nice lip glosses and lots of other cute stuff. Adambeauty carries a few of their items among them the new Tenshihada BB Cream.

The Tenshihada Multi Founde Cream is probably the cutest BB Cream I have seen so far. It comes in a sweet pink fat squeeze tube and contains 35g. There are 2 shades available and naturally I chose #1 Natural (Light Ocher).

The virtues of this BB Cream are as follows:
-Concealer (imperfections and pores)
-Sunscreen SPF 25 PA++
-Oil control
-Covering rough/uneven skin
-Resistant to sweat and water
-Moisture care (chamomile extract, cherry blossom extract)
-Free of mineral oil, chemical dyes and fragrance-free
I hope I got all those things correctly =)

The color 1 is a light beige shade which blends in well into my skin-tone. It is probably best if you´re around NC-20-25 but it works for me.
The Angel BB Cream is very lightweight and dries down to a powdery finish within half a minute or so. The oil control of this must be quite amazing as it totally draws all kind of moisture and oil out of my skin and makes it look super matte and feel very tight and uncomfortable. I can wear it only if I use a seriously moisturizing base underneath as otherwise my skin will start to form dry rough patches.

The coverage of this is actually nice, around sheer-medium I´d say. I can´t say much about pore coverage as I have nearly non-existent pores but judging by the overall texture I can imagine that it will cover them a little.

Overall I´d actually give this a good rating and it would probably be perfect if you are an NC-20-25 with oily skin. Or perhapy teenagers might find this nice =)
My favorite BB Cream is still the Natural one from Meishoku (nearly finished my tube by now).

I got mine from There is also a darker color available. Retail in Japan is 1050 Yen (about US$11.50). I paid US$13 shipped.



There are 2 shades available and naturally I chose #1 Natural (Light Ocher)

i confuse which one of the color u use in this review? natural or light ochre? since natural is number 2 and light ochre is number 1

how about the oil control if compare with kiss me bb cream? is it the same or better?

thank you,,

Anonymous said...

Hello, does this bb cream oxidize after a while? And it has yellow undertones? I'm sick and tired of bb creams with pink undertones, I cannot get the right shade.

Anonymous said...

And yes, what color is the bb cream you are reviewing? Light ochre or natural?

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