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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lucky Trendy Be Creation Bi Joie Beauty Magic BB Mineral x Silk Set & Giveaway

You might have heard of Be Creation which is a Japanese/Korean brand offering a vast variety of accessories (be it nail ornaments, eyeshadow applicators, false lashes, wigs etc. etc.).
I believe the brand itself (Lucky Trendy Be Creation) is actually Japanese but the Beauty Magic BB Mineral x Silk line has been designed in Japan but produced in Korea.

The Beauty Magic BB Mineral x Silk set contains:
-BB Cream Mineral x Silk SPF30 PA++ in Natural (15g)
-BB Powder Mineral x Silk SPF30 PA++ in Natural (6g)
-Powder puff

The item that mainly interested me was the BB Cream so I ordered the set on Sasa as a special promo was going on (US$13-something instead of US$23.40). I probably wouldn´t have gotten it at full retail but US$13 seemed a good deal.

I got the set recently and the first thing I noticed when I removed the protective plastic slip was that the pouch smells strongly of acetone, much like nail polish remover. That´s usually not a good sign in my opinion (read an article about toys..they said the stronger the plastic reeks of something the more toxic stuff might have been used).
Anyway, the pouch is cute though with its imprinted roses.

The cute pink tube of the BB Cream Mineral x Silk seemed to be half empty but that´s probably because the tube is just too large for the 15g included.
The BB Cream has a rather dark peachy color and is a bit hard to spread as it´s very thick. Furthermore it has an unpleasant smell... it is unscented but somehow smells gross (I will not say of what the smell reminds me as I don´t want to gross anyone out...but it stinks!).
The coverage of this is actualy not bad however the color is off for me as it´s too dark.
This also made my skin slightly itchy which is always a bad sign.

The BB Powder Mineral x Silk on the other hand is super pale, almost white, with a very light glowy sheen (no shimmer or sparkle at all though). It doesn´t smell but the powder puff included (the flat one, not the fluffy one) smells like the pouch...either the odor transferred from the pouch to the puff or it is made of the same stinky stuff.
The powder feels silky and finely milled and doesn´t leave a white cast on me because it´s very sheer (I´d say this is nearly transparent). It doesn´t dry out my skin either but sets any BB Cream nicely.
It´s loose which is something I generally dislike but I think this is good enough to enjoy it.

The fluffy puff is really cute and soft but I haven´t tried it with the powder yet.

Overall you can skip this as the BB Cream stinks and is hard to blend and feels rather heavy and the powder is nice but nothing outstanding by any means.

Since I have no real use for the BB Cream and powder I will give those 2 away to one of the commenters to this post as something that doesn´t work for me might work for someone else!
I think you should be at least NC20-25 to get use out of the BB Cream.

To enter:

-just leave a comment to this post

-open to worldwide

-be a follower of my blog

-let me know your thoughts on this product (just coz I am nosy hehe) -will be open for 1 week from now (so until June 3rd, around lunch time according to Vienna time-zone)
-winner will be randomly chosen by and announced in a separate post. Please make sure that by your nickname and/or name I can identify you
-winner to claim prize within 3 days of announcement or another one will be chosen.

Good luck and thanks for entering! =)


Joanna said...

enter me ♥

all i can say is that it has cute packaging ♥...i havnt reallt tried it before =)

whitedolll said...

Too bad it didn't work for you.
I like the powder and especially the puff. So cute^^

Laura L said...

the packaging is lovely. I think this brand is new because I've not heard about this brand before...
I am interested to try because is mineral... I think mineral BB cream works pretty well ( Etude house precious mineral BB cream) so i would like to try this...

thanks for having this giveaway :)

Alexis said...

join me too~

i'm not familiar with the brand "be creation". i like the packaging (specially the puff~^^) and the bb cream seems a good match for my asian skin~

janny said...

please enter me into this mini giveaway

i'm actually more interested in the powder because im trying to find one that fits my shade (NC20) and also has good spf quality which this one does seem to be ~~

email is:

♥ Starryxuan said...

Enter me please =) That packaging looks pretty. I'm a sucker for pretty things :P

Cat said...

I'd like to be entered please. Like the other posters, the packaging is gorgeous. It just makes me sad that the quality is not so good. I have never used or tried BB cream so I find your reviews very useful.

- Cat

zashiq5 said...

haven't tried it..packaging is cute though..

enter me..

Mimi (MakeupWithdrawal) said...

Enter me please!
I love that your blog features makeup that I've never seen before.

CL said...

I've heard of Be Creation, but have never tried any of their products before. I am very interested in the powder since I'm quite pale, and have been looking for a good setting powder with SPF. I'm also still quite new to BB creams, so even though you say it smells bad, I'd still love to see if it works for me. Thank you!

Linda Nguyen said...

I always wanted to try out BB Cream because I heard a lot of good things about it. And this giveaways will give me a great opportunity to try out BB cream. I love the cute packaging it's so cute :3

Karen said...

enter me

rhe packing is very cute, i havent used this brand

e mail:

Jenny said...

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway

the color looks quite yellow, I been on the look out for a very yellow based BB cream. This one seems perfect.

Cinnabunnie said...

the outward appearance definitely makes u look twice but I've never tried this brand before. Its too bad it didn't work for ur skin tho. Ive never tried bb creams before so i wouldn't know what to expect, but i would like to try this ^.^ the powder seems really nice too

alcupcake said...

enter me too!
i really like the packaging so i still want to try this out
thanks for doing this giveaway!

Denysia Yu said...

Enter me please :)
I am a follower.
I've never tried this product, but I would really love to!

Kai said...

I just found your blog yesterday actually and I'm in love already because you're primarily reviewing Korean and Japanese cosmetics! I've been interested for a long time but without proper swatches or price comparison and reviews, it's hard to make me buy.

in any case, I'm NC25 (lighter side) and been wanting bb cream for ages but due to usually bb creams being way too pale, i always had to check myself. since this one's darker, it might be a better match for me. :D although I am worried about the scent you mentioned...but it's certainly worth a try!

Verlyn said...

my favourite color is pink and i love trying out bb creams, powders, in fact any makeup product (: this packaging reminds me of paltagong limited ed powder & bb cream set ! this set is more princessy though (:


Unknown said...

Thanks for having this sweet giveaway!Enter me~

Already a follower of your blog=)
I ♥ 'PINK' & Cute stuff^^


Anonymous said...

Enter me please =]
i am looking for what kind of bb cream to buy right now and i found you blong its so helpful so i will become a follower =] ...
my email-

Mandy said...

. .I like the packaging, so I really want in on this giveaway. XD
If this is too light for you, try one of the Missha's brand of BB cream.

I personally like their Real Fluid foundation, but their BB creams are good too! They have a lot of different shades, so you can probably find one that matches your skin. =)

Jo said...

Ooh, I love the packaging! I'm also NC20-25 so the colour is perfect for me, and I've always wanted to try a BB cream : ) This product seems perfect for me!

-Yu- said...

That is unfortunate that the product did not work out for you.
It sure does have an adorable packaging. I would love to give it a try. [BB cream addict] ha ha.
Thanks for the giveaway, at least it will not go to waste.

Samy said...

wow what a wonderful giveaway!

enter me please ^___^

Linda Nguyen said...

I am a makeup beginner and since I don't know what products are good for me, I been following your blog ever since and get so many great tips from you, so I'd like to thank you for that. I really really want to win this products because I LOVES BB Cream,I really want to try them out, plus this BB Cream is super cute. ^_^

eckness said...

mer... i'm pretty curious as to what exactly you think it smells like that you think you can't mention on this blog haha. anyways, love the pwoder and the puff. the bb cream seems pretty cruddy though =).

please enter me into the contest~!

Mabel said...

Sad to hear that it made your skin itchy! I'd like to give bb cream another dry and try this out. I'm very interested in trying out the powder: Japanese bb mineral powder sounds awesome! Glad to hear that it doesn't leave a white cast, which I don't like. It also has spf, an even greater plus :D.


sy said...

please enter me :)

the puff is adorable! and i really want to try the powder. im using laneige snow crystal silky finish loose powder right now but its running low and it looks perfect^^

thank you for having this giveaway \o/

A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
myolie said...

i think the color would be nice on me. i bought both moist labo and freshel moist lift after you reviewed them .i like freshel more because it suits the color of my face, the moist labo made me look like i have a white face with a yellow neck he he he. hope i win ^ ^

QC said...

I've never heard of the brand before, but it looks lovely. Too bad it's not a fit for you.

Felice said...

Enter me too... ^_^

I never heard that brand name, but I think it is similar with Dodo Palgantong Morning set. It also has BB Cream, Loose Powder & puff like that!

dark nyx said...

Enter me please ^^

Too bad it didn't work out...the packaging is so cute. Your comment on how the BB cream stinks made me laugh. Funny, LoL.

Silkybow said...

Enter me hehe ^^
I think the packaging is super adorable~ and a lot of people are suckers for pretty packaging :)

notme_ said...

i would love to have this BB Cream because i've only used Korean brands but not Japanese. by reading your reviews, i think Japanese ones are worthwhile too. plus the puff is soooo cute! <3

Joy said...

I've been wanting to try out BB cream for a while now. The packaging is adorable :)

Unknown said...

Enter me please:)
This brand sounds interesting:)
Thanks for the review^_^

lilmizzruby said...

enter me!
i would like to try new things and i love the packaging. Although it didnt work for you, i believe there might be someone out there that might enjoy using it despite the smell.

estherfkim said...

Super cute paacking, I think I'd want to try the powder :) I'm always about trying new BB cream so enter me please!:) TY~

Jamie said...

hiii :) i've been following you for a while though I don't think i'm "public" yet. There's always trouble to follow via Google Reader.

This stuff looks so cute! To be honest, i'm really attracted to the fluff.. and it seems that the colour would fit me right as I am quite dark for an asian :)

thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Sparklefish said...

Im interested about Asian cosmetics but I have never had the change to try them. (i live in finland ^^;) That BB cream sounds interesting and I have always wanted to try one, I don't think that they have any of those in my coutry or atleast in this city. Also the package is very cute and girly, which appeals very much to me, since products here are usuallyhere in dull, boring looking packages. I think it would match my skin very well at summer <3 Plus the powder looks very nice, and the package is adorable too :o I have never heard of this brand before either. I think that your reviews are very good and informative, and make me want to order and try all sorts of products, too bad i don't own a credit card >w<

Unknown said...


I would really be really happy to win it!!! I love the packaging!

Fiona said...

I have heard soooo much about BB Cream but have never ever used any before, so it will be perfect for me if I can win this set!

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