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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sexy Look Ultra Whitening Masks & Firming Masks & blogger giveaway

To be honest I dislike any sort of beauty products/brand names with the word "sexy" in them. Just sounds tacky and cheap to me, sorry!
Hah, you didn´t think that could stop me from trying those interesting Taiwanese Sexy Look masks I found on Sasa recently (and they were so cheap I had to get couple of boxes!), right? =P

What attracted me to these masks is the fact that they are those kind of masks that cover the chin, too, and since they are hooked around the ears they stay on the face very well and as long as I want as they are not bothering me with sliding off etc.!
There were only 2 kinds in stock when I ordered these masks: The Firming Mask (pink box) and the Ultra Whitening Mask (blue box). Even though I am not in need of whitening as I neither have overly dull skin nor have any problems with pigment spots or freckles I can always need a little brightening. And firming sounds always great... (to be honest all I expect from sheet masks is that they don´t irritate my skin, make it soft and smooth and brighten my complexion a little).

Anyways, the Sexy Look masks are seriously awesome masks (and I tried and reviewed quite a few excellent masks). They are made of very soft thick cloth and their fit is superior as the face part of the masks stretches out and stays firmly in place (as you fix it on your ears) whereas the chin part is not flexible and will give a more tight feel to the chin area adding to the perfect fit of the mask (and you attach this part to your ears, too).

Each sheet is saturated with lots of essence (I can´t seem to find the amount stated anywhere). The masks carry a light scent but not really very strong or noticable so it´s not bothering me.

I think both types of masks are brightening and calming my skin as it looks clear, moisturized and soft without any red bumps or red cheeks (this seems to be toned down especially well by the Ultra Whitening Masks). I also think the Firming Masks tone and lift my skin temporarily especially around the chin area.

I usually wear these masks for 30 minutes or more and I am extremely pleased with their performance.

These Sexy Look masks are also great value for money as they cost only about US$12 on Sasa for a box of a whopping 10 pieces!

Here is the Sexy Look website. It seems the Ultra Whitening Masks are the most popular product from this brand. Check here!

I am giving away one piece each of the Ultra Whitening Mask and the Firming Mask to one fellow beauty blogger who is interested in reviewing these in her blog. The first one to email me her address and beauty blog addy will get them =) Sorry, taken! Please don´t email anymore!


. said...

I completely agree. I usually stay far away from anything that says "sexy" in it. Even the Seksy watches or whatever it was never really appealed to me, simple because of the name!

Sheila said...

I'm glad you did a review on this! I saw these on SASA when they were first released but was skeptical about ordering them as they were so cheap for a box of 10...

Maybe now I can look into actually ordering a box or 2 to try. The price is quite similar to the My Beauty Diary masks which don't seem to do much for my skin.

Laura L said...

interesting as you can mask your neck area as well... cool :)
Kathi, I've yet to post review on the masks that I sent to me... In house moving dilemma right now :(

xbbkay said...

these sheets sounds good, but they seem a little wide in size. I don't think it'd fit my face shape too well. However, i love your sheet mask reviews. You have def tried A LOT and if you think this one is good, i completely trust you. I wish i can get my hands on these, but SaSa shipping to CAD, isn't cheap ...Hmm

Thanks for the review, i'll try to look out for these!

birkinbagbeauty said...

wow, these look so interesting.

However, I cannot find them on sasa anymore...under what name are they listed?

Kathi said...

Hi birkie,
they´re listed under Simply (seems to be the mother company?)

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