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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Za Cosmetics Plumper Lips lipstick in 01 Ruby Dazzle & 05 Innocent Rose

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
I stumbled across quite a few Za Cosmetics displays in Hong Kong, e.g. in various Bonjour shops.
Za is a brand under the Shiseido company but doesn´t count as a Shiseido brand per se (as there is no Shiseido logo printed on).

Anyway, it´s an affordable drugstore line with some famous products (their powder foundations!) and the Plumper Lips lipsticks are nice little gems, too!

Packaging-wise these are quite simple, in pinkish-silver shimmery plastic tubes with the Za logo printed all over the cap.

The lipsticks contain "Fill-up Collagen", "Plump-Up Pearl" and Vitamin E. Furthermore they claim to plump up your lips, moisturize them and contain a "prismatic red pigment" for natural yet rich color.

These are really soft, creamy, glossy and shimmery lipsticks with a great slick and moist feel. I think due to being glossy and shimmery they definitely give a plumping effect to the lips without those nasty cold or burning ingredients some other lip plumpers tend to include.

Despite being creamy these last really well on me, a few hours without reapplication is possible if I don´t eat during that time.
The colors show up well on my naturally pink lips even though they look quite sheer on the arm swatch.

The Plumper Lips are slightly scented but it´s more of a hint and very subtle and furthermore it´s a pleasant sort of creamy scent.
I got 4 colors but first took pics of 01 and 05 together as I bought them on my 2nd day in HK thus the separated review (the other 2 will be reviewed soon, too).

01 Ruby Dazzle is a gorgeous deep raspberry pink

05 Innocent Rose is one of those perfect natural pink beige lipstick colors.

I think these cost me around HK$95 (or thereabouts) each, contain 3.5g and are made in Taiwan...these should be readily available in countries like Singapore and Malaysia and are worth to be given a try in my opinion.

Rating 5/5 as these are truly nice!


MaquiLab said...

The shade looks really beautiful on your lips :)

MaquiLab said...

The shade looks really beautiful on your lips :)

Wonder Woman said...

The ruby dazzle looks perfect on your lips! :)

Unknown said...

really pretty shade..

Anonymous said...

Ruby dazzle no more selling in Singapore is it?

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