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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer 2011: Kosé Nature & Co Mint & Tea Refresh Mist and Mint & Tea Sun Protector SPF50+ PA+++

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I have quite a soft spot for Kosé´s "natural" skincare line Nature & Co. I just like the nature-themed kind of packaging, herbal scents and easy and quite affordable products.

2 of the newest products are especially formulated for the hot summer weather as one is a sun protection milk whereas the other one is a refreshing mist ideal for this hot weather and as an aftersun care for stressed skin.

Both products are from the "mint & tea" mini skincare series and I *think* they are limited edition. Both contain mint extract and a variety of tea extracts.

The Sun Protector has an SPF of 50+ and PA+++ so it´s quite a strong sunscreen. It has a distinctive mint herbal scent which is not bothersome as it´s quite light.

The bottle has to be shaken prior to each use to mix the lotion well. This is quite a liquid milk but unfortunately what ruins this a lot for me is the weird greasy feeling this leaves on my skin...this stuff doesn´t seem to absorb nicely but rather feels like sitting on top of my face.

So even though this might be a good sunscreen it´s just not comfortable to wear and feels like a burden to my skin. I will use it up on my body though where it seems to perform nicely.

So overall for my face a nay but ok for body use.

Rating 2.5/5

The Mint & Tea Refresh Mist is for face and body use and comes in a 200ml spray bottle. The bottle seem good as it also sprays when I hold it upside down (to reach my back).

The mist feels refreshing and has a nice, clean and fresh aroma (herbal, thyme and mint perhaps) and feels slightly moisturizing (but not greasy).
I like using it allover my body and my face and it doesn´t seem to irritate my skin at all, on the contrary, it seems quite calming and soothing.

All in all I really like the mist and think it´s a nice refreshing treat for the summer. It´s replacing my regular body lotion on hot days as it feels moisturizing enough when I am sweaty already =P

Rating 5/5

I got both products in a Watson´s store in Hong Kong and don´t remember how much I paid however you can get these on eBay, e.g. Alphabeautyuk has both in stock.


Mizu said...

aww..the mist is quite interesting!I wish I can haul more japanese products but the price is too expensive for me besides its hard to get =)

indie.doll said...

nice post :) i've never heard of Kose's Nature and Co line before :o i love the packaging, has a very organic and vintage feel.


saltvinegar said...

I was planning on getting the sun protector but thnks to ur post I think I'm sticking to biore instead

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