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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gmarket haul (Etude House is generous with freebies again!) =D

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
I got couple of gift certificates from Gmarket´s Top Blogger Event stuck on my account along with some shipping refunds from my last orders from February and I was in need of some black hair dye so I placed an order last Thursday and Friday =)

My order arrived already as of today as both sellers (etudegmark and 밀려오레) shipped super fast. As a matter of fact I first placed an order for 3 Etude House hair dyes, 2 from Somang and couple of cute stationery sets but the stationery was canceled Friday morning and I got my refund right away... Since I didn´t want to just receive a non-fun package of just a few hair dyes I did another Etude House haul as I noticed they had a cute new hair care range out! =D
Etude House was extremely generous with their free gifts this time around even though only a few were pictured in their "event". I got 3 packs of cotton pads, 2x q-tips, 3 hair mask samples (30ml each, quite generous!), 2 face washs (30ml each), some skincare sets from Moistfull and Moistfull Aloe, an eyebrow razor/mirror/lash comb, a makeup bag, 15 (!!) Moistfull sheet masks and an Acerola face gel (as it was a BOGOF (=1+1 free) offer!). Please note all these gifts arrived with 2 different orders but combined into 1 international shipment =)

These are the items I actually ordered:

Silk Scarf shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, 3 hair dyes in black, Acerola face gel and those interesting Golden Ratio face contouring chalks (or whatever you call them.

Overall this was the best experience with Etude House for long time as they used to be super generous with samples and freebies, then were getting REALLY stingy and now I got really a lot of nice and useful extras!
Totally recommend ordering now!


MEOW said...

great haul!
and thats a lot of samples :)
i havent ordered from gmarket before... but im always tempted to everytime i see people's hauls :D

Kim said...

waaah what a big haul!! can't wait to read your review =D

Ashley said...

Etudegmark is so generous 0___0
I want to order so badly now!

Nunu said...

I've always wanted to order from gmarket, now if only I figure out how and can get over all those .gifs which threaten to send me off on an epileptic fit.

Julia said...

I still haven't tried buying anything from Gmarket. ^^;

Will you review those Moistfull Aloe products?

cream puff said...

wow!! das nenne ich mal einen haul!! ^^

bin gespannt auf die reviews!

Georgina said...

super awesome GWP's! i cant believe my eyes. Hahaha Etude House is generous indeed!

ThisIsAlx said...

Wow they are sooo generous omg!!.. Never heard or seen these products before but im always up for freebies =D


Unknown said...

that's a whole load of freebies!! 0__0

Shop N' Chomp said...

Wow! @_@

BollyAnlam said...

I love it! So nice!

steph said...

omg so many gifts!!
i'm so ordering from gmarket now ^___^

Theda Bara said...

Wow, Etude House really upped the ante with their freebies! I noticed the same on my last Gmarket haul, I got so many freebies I ended up giving plenty away!

I hope there is a review for the Silk Scarf shampoo, I've been meaning to rotate my shampoos and those bottles look so adorable it's making me want to give them a try!

mimi said...

wow so much free stuf!!! It's like more free stuff than the stuff you bought XD hahaha~ I really want to buy things from Gmarket but I don't know how to ): Is there an english version of the site and can you use paypal?~ :D haha~

kaizokumousy said...

wow great stuff!:D cant wait for a review!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have always wanted those "comtés", but I dont seem to find them in the Etudegnarkt seller! COuld you please post a link for them?? I would be super grateful!

Annina~♥ said...

I so much love your hauls!♥ If only I could be able to shop from Gmarket...

Anonymous said...

glad to see they are actually giving out free stuff agian! last time I ordered $80 worth of stuff and only got one box of cotton puffs >: ( I really wanna order from Gmarket now!! Hope the stuff works out for you, looking foward to your review

Anonymous said...

Awww you got many freebies. Jealous Jealous >.< Anyway those mask sheets are my favorite ^_^

jUniooOrJJ said...

WOW sooo much etude house~~~ did the shipping cost a lot???? Cuz they're liquid stuff ^^

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