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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skinlite Intensive Recovery Hair Treatment & Hair Cap VS Lucky Hair Treatment & Hair Cap (Rose)

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
There seems to be a new kind of product coming from Korea: intensive hair treatment and special hair cap for intense hair nourishment. The Koreans really come up with "masks" for everything =D

I found 2 of these new hair treatments on Sasa so I ordered a few packs of each and will do a comparsion respectively VS post comparing them.

-Skinlite Intensive Recovery Hair Treatment & Hair Cap - Made in Korea

-Lucky (Japan) Hair Treatment & Hair Cap Rose (name is written in Japanese so I don´t know the proper name) - Made in Korea

Where to buy/price:
-Skinlite: Sasa (click here), US$2.10 for a single treatment
-Lucky: Sasa (click here), US$6.30 for a single treatment

-Skinlite: 20ml treatment and cap (contains some liquid inside, too)
-Lucky: 20ml treatment and cap (contains 7ml liquid)

How to use:
Both treatments work the same way: Wash hair, apply treatment, cover with cap for 10-15 mins and massage hair and scalp, rinse off

-Skinlite: A thick dense cream with a sweet honey scent
-Lucky: Medium thick slick cream, much like conditioner, unobtrusive floral scent (but not a rose smell like you might expect)

-Skinlite: The cap is made of a plastic and a soft layer (I guess) and is covered with liquid inside. The fit is good, the elastic isn´t too tight nor too loose so all hair stays inside well

-Lucky: The cap is very wet, inside and outside and is made of a soft material (I guess some sort of soft paper cloth similar to the other cap). The fit is poor, the elastic is much too loose so my hair starts to slip out at the back if I don´t keep it up with a clasp.

-Skinlite: My hair gets soft but honestly most of my Japanese conditioners do a better job and it needs quite some time to rinse off the treatment.
-Lucky: It´s easy to rinse off the treatment and I get soft hair though still nothing so exciting, most Japanese hair masks and/or conditioners do a better job

Does the cap really have any use?
To be honest..I don´t know! To me the overall result isn´t that exciting and the wet cap probably doesn´t add much to the effect of the treatment.
So all in all for me this is a gimmick.

Overall result:
I don´t think either of these treatments is worth it. They are relatively expensive for a single time use and quite wasteful considering the cap and packaging etc.
I recommend getting a tub of Kao Essential hair mask for better results/as a way more economical choice.

Skinlite: 2.5/5
Lucky: 2.5/5


Julia said...

Treatments have a hard time penetrating your hair if you use shampoo or other hair products containing silicons.
If you like japanese hair products, Ichikami makes them without silicones, and I used it while I was in Japan and loved the smell and the feel of my hair afterwards. <3

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