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Friday, July 8, 2011

Shu Uemura The Art of Travel Make-Up Palette

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
Here I am reviewing one of my favorite acquisitions from my Hong Kong trip! Actually this Shu Uemura The Art of Travel Make-Up Palette was the last product I purchased on my trip, a few minutes before midnight when the Duty Free Shop in Hong Kong airport was just about to close.

The Art of Travel Make-Up Palette is a heavy and chunky black and clear plexiglass palette, like the previous Xmas and spring palettes.
The palette contains 4 powder shadows, 2 cream eyeliners and a blusher shade, all in neutral tones for a perfectly polished office/business/day makeup look.

The eyeshadows are very soft and super pigmented (except for the lightest shade) with a gorgeous metallic appearance. The shadows blend like a dream and look very brilliant when applied however like most metallic Shu Uemura shadows they tend to crease a little on me after some hours of wear and creasing is not a problem I usually face with other brands, even metallic and pigmented ones.
The colors are a creamy off-white, muted dusty pink, pink-toned taupe and deep black with some sparkles.

The cream liner/eyeshadows are fine, I definitely like the golden white one for its glistening finish and as it´s a great highlighter for the inner corners of my eyes however the deep brown liner is a bit sticky and doesn´t apply smoothly so it can look uneven and can fade after some time.

The Glow On blush is very pretty as it´s a versatile matte peachy pink. It´s a little sheer though so might not show up so well on everyone.

The includes applicators are of good quality and can work in a rush however for me they can´t replace proper tools.
Overall even though this palette has its small flaws I really like it and the overall look I can achieve with it.

I don´t remember the price, around US$50 or so maybe?
This palette is made in Korea.

Rating 4/5


Kasia said...

I love it! So pretty colors ^^

Steph said...

this looks so pretty!! xxx

Sweeteaa said...

this is a gorgeous palette! It has everything you need...sounds really good for traveling!

Ashley said...

One day I'll purchase a Shu Uemura palette. They always look so beautiful & the quality of the products must be tops!

Cutie Fishball said...

I got this palette from Cathay Pacific duty free last fall too! I absolutely love how versatile and nice this palette is!!!! But I am not too sure about their liners...

Unknown said...

So beautiful :) Looks stunning on you :)

Kai said...

I have this palette~ i forgot how much i paid for it, but this was out in US last year i think? I love the taupe and the black. the blush doesn't show up very well however, and primarily i get annoyed at the powder that gets in the cream products (and it's so small my big powder brush doesn't get in very easily). otherwise, it's a great palette :D

galpal.hi said...

I really like that taupe color! I wish that it was sold as a single.


CAMILLA said...

wow such a pretty colors..

Frances said...

I LOVE that neutral eye shadow! and the blush is so gorgeous!

Jillian said...

the colors are so pretty. the quality looks really good as well

Anonymous said...

This one is probably one of the best Shu palettes I've seen! That blush looks so pretty.
I love the look you created with the colours too.

Haru said...

Hi Kathi dear,
the shades look so pretty on you and your skin is so flawless! The cream liners in Shu's pre-made palettes are usually of terrible quality, very strange.

Kathi said...

Hi Iris,
Thanks! I am wearing the shu face architect fdtn topped with the kate powder fdtn in BR-C and no photoshopping =D yea, the liner could take some reformulation especially since this is shu which should stand for high quality

Kai said...

@ Kat, I think the taupe in there is M850 or maybe M950? er, it's one of the taupes that was sold individually but got discontinued. It's what made this palette very worth it imo!

@ Kathi & Iris, oddly enough the liner worked well for me in terms of not smudging...i put it on around 3PM and it lasted me to around midnight with no smudging or pooling in oily dots at the corner of my eyes. I didn't like how it's so sheer/unpigmented tho, had to go back lke twenty times to get one eye done. :\

zest said...

I love how your lashes came out....what kind of mascara do you use?

Light Love said...

Oh my goodness, the colors are amazing! I would so pick up this palette... if I can find it :( What a great palette!

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