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Monday, July 4, 2011

My Scheming Silk Protein and Caviar Extract Masks

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
My Scheming is a (new?) brand of sheet masks from Taiwan. I got couple of mask packs from Hong Kong (the Double Lifting series which came in boxes of 5 pcs) and recently I got 2 of the 10-pc packs from Sasa as they were really cheap (US$7.60 per 10pcs), however the price has gone up to US$12.60 which is a little weird!.

I got the masks in the Silk Protein and Caviar Extract versions.
The masks are made of super soft and rather thin cloth which is cut to fit excellently. Furthermore each of them is saturated with 30ml of a liquid gel-like essence which is quite a lot but due to the great cut and thin well-adhering material it doesn´t slip.

Like the majority of sheet masks this is a refreshing treat which makes my skin super smooth and soft and gives a certain brightness to my complexion.
The masks are lightly scented but with a pleasant not overly heavy fragrance.
Effect-wise I don´t notice a difference between Silk Protein and Caviar Extract.

Overall these are high-quality masks, are affordable and mild to my skin, brighten my complexion and feel refreshing.

Rating 5/5


Unknown said...

Yeah, I noticed the sudden raise in the price department too! One of the My scheming mask I bought was the VITAMIN E + ALOE VERA MASK for 7.60$ from and after I received my package I checked the website and saw that its 12.60$!! I wanna know why! lol. But i am loving these My Scheming masks!

Kathi said...

Sasa is often doing that... Like they are testing the popularity of an item and if it's selling well they raise the price

mulberrytea said...

I wonder if it has to do with exchange rates coming out of certain Asian countries? For instance, all my favorite Japanese brands (Heroine Make, Sana, Kao Essential) have all gone up significantly in price, but the Chanel items I order have not (currently still below US retail).

I hope it goes back to normal soon :(

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