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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Etude House Golden Ratio Designing Conté

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
The Golden Ratio Designing Conté is a really interesting product, unlike anything else I have seen before.

The Golden Ratio line (which, as I understand, came out at least last fall so it´s not the most recent release) features products to contour and define one´s face to reach a most perfectly balanced facial ratio.

The Designing Conté is a duo of face "pencils" (as EH calls them) that look more like pastel chalks.
They are wrapped in plastic which should be only removed in half as not to stain your fingers everytime you use them.

I furthermore recommend to keep them in the box incl. padding and cover to prevent these pencils from crumbling or staining other things.
You get 2 colors, one is a shimmery light beige and the other one is a deep chocolate brown that´s matte.

The lighter shade should be used for highlighting the cheeks, forehead, ridge of brows etc. whereas the deeper color is  intended to be used for defining the brows, hairline etc. Both could also be used as eyeshadows.
Both sticks have a densely pressed powder texture with a good color pay-off.
The lighter shade has a glowy/pearly finish and can be blended quite nicely. For me unfortunately the warm beige shade is too dark to be of use as a highlighter and I for contouring it´s too yellow on me so I can only use it as an eyeshadow and the color is just not perfect for me. More tan ladies can probably enjoy this stuff really well, though!

What´s interesting about the deeper color is that once applied it stays absolutely put so smudging or blending is next to impossible however this is probably the most perfect brow powder I have ever used. It´s dark, lasts perfectly, doesn´t crumble and doesn´t fade or smudge. I think the idea of using this to define one´s hairline is interesting but I am not really doing that :P
Applied with a thin angled brush this could also make a good eyeliner but I haven´t tried this yet.

The sticks aren´t scented and cost me 8000 Won (around US$7something). I got them from etudegmark on Gmarket (item 193822952). I am sorry but right now it seems this item is out of stock.

Rating 3.5/5... the darker stick alone totally gets 5/5 however the lighter color drags the rating down a bit.


herroyalbleakness said...

Interesting package! All the more that it's already out of stock... hmmmmm....

The pigmentation is superb! Even the light-colored stick. I'm just a bit curious why you weren't impressed with it, thus, the 3.5/5 rating instead of a perfect 5.

Kathi said...

As I mentioned in my review the lighter shade doesn´t work for me color-wise =)

Beauty Box said...

The packaging is so bizarre to me....I can't see how it is easy to use...but good colours...

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