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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer 2011: Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist Lemon

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
Sorry for my absence but I just passed my 2nd last exam today with an exellent result so I am really happy and have time to blog again =D Well, there might have been actual time for blogging but when I am so focused on my studies I can´t do much else (e.g. I have only been wearing makeup 3x the whole last month!)

I reviewed the Hadanomy Collagen Mist from Sana a while ago and I really love it (and have used up a bottle by now) so I definitely wanted to try their summer LE in a lemon fragrance! I think the mist is the same, they just filled it into a cute heart-shaped bottle and added a really lovely sweet lemon scent.
I personally like the lemon scent even more than the regular one so I wish this could become a part of the regular line =D

The mist is slightly viscuous and refreshing and the dispenser really creates a super fine mist. This doesn´t irritate my skin at all so I can highly recommend this product!

The cute bottle contains 90ml (vs. 250ml in the full-sized regular version) and retails for 500 Yen. I got mine from Alphabeautyuk on eBay.

Rating 5/5


Tailiya said...

Oh! Sooo cute!
Do you take this bottle with you?
I had a facial spray but the fluid turns warm when I took it with me in a bag... :(
So I store it in the fridge...

tiffyama said...

Glad you did well on your exams! :]

Ooh, that bottle is adorable!! Ahh! Yay for this product working for you! Thanks for this lil review. ^^

galpal.hi said...

Cute bottle! It sounds like a lovely product to have.


Kawaiiberri92 said...

cute bottle >U< i have the hadanomy collagen mist and i love it >u< makes me wanna try this one too

Shelly said...

I recently JUST purchased the Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist...haven't statred testing it out yet because my skin is currently undergoing some major breakouts. I'm going to be holding off on adding new products into my regimen until my skin recovers and stabilizes.

I've tested this a couple you find that its a little sticky? I'll probably save it for the winter, right now its farr to hot to be putting so much stuff on the face!

Seeing that you've given the line such high reviews, makes me more relieved. I'm always iffy about purchasing new skincare in a language I can barely read haha.

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

and i love all sana product

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