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Friday, July 31, 2009

Etude House Sun Guard Glow Base SPF 36 PA++ & some holiday babblings

Missed me a little? =D I´ve been posting so little the past weeks I feel ashamed lol! I was so busy preparing and packing for my trip I just didn´t have the energy to post! I still haven´t reviewed the JS quad and my Etsy post is written but I have to upload the 1000000000 pics I have to attach to that post hmmpf!

Anyways, Egypt is nice this time around so far, we stayed in Cairo for 2 days (The Mövenpick Hotel right beside the pyramids is really great!), went to a mall the first day (we slept very long and were hungry and tired so a mall was the right thing to see hehe) the next day we visited the museum there and then drove home to Alexandria (it´s about 3-4 hours drive on the desert highway).
We went swimming yesterday in my dad in law´s house and today we´re not sure yet what to do (so many family gatherings coming up here!)!
When we came to our home we found the airconditions not working, the toilet flush was broken, the home was dirty and everywhere was that insecticide powder my hubby was distributing before he left half year ago and the bedsheets hadn´t been washed so they were quite yucky! My washing machine took care of them quickly though hehe =D We had 3 ladies coming to clean the apartment while we went to shop for groceries (they were really fast and efficient!) The washdryer is on ever since we came here as I have so much dirty laundry to wash and the capacity of this machine is rather small...

Anyways, that mostly doesn´t interest you that much lol! So I am going to review the Etude House Sun Guard Glow Base, an item I really grew to love in the previous weeks/days!

The Glow Base comes in a cute light pink squeeze tube and holds 50ml. It has a light scent (rather fresh) and a pleasant lightweight non-sticky texture. It´s a pale pink opalescent cream that´s easy to spread and doesn´t sit on my skin.

Etude House claims that this soothes, tightens and nouishes your skin while protecting it against harmful sun rays.

It´s formulated to be used on face and body but I only use this for my face as the 50ml tube would be empty quickly otherwise.

The Glow Base leaves a gorgeous slightly dewy sheen... I really love it! It doesn´t glitter or look very sparkly in sunlight, just dewy and fresh. I gave a tube to my mum as well and she loves it, too!

I had several day in the previous weeks where I only wore this and loved how healthy and fresh my skin looked (right now my skin is really good, very few red bumps on my cheeks). I also think this makes an excellent makeup base!

I think the tube cost me around US$5 or so? I don´t really remember, I ordered it about 2 months ago from Gmarket =D

I will see to finally post that monster Etsy post. I think it´s the longest post I have ever written so far! I am still thinking of splitting it into 2 posts =D


Chickadee said...

Looks like a very nice product and what a pretty sheen! What is the active sunscreen ingredient, and do you think this would be good for oilier skin?

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

love this post! ^^
I've been thinking to try and buy it..but I was still hesitate at that time, not sure about how it will react on my skin.. But with your review, I'm convinced..hehe.. Thanks for reviewing this..^^v

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yes, I missed you. :( Welcome back! :)

Oh, how I would love to visit Egypt some day. Hope you have a fun time there.

The Etude House product looks great.

Diane said...

I don't know what your talking about, I'm loving this post. Please post more Egypt pictures your trip sounds amazing, I've always wanted to go there =).

Great review! Looks like there's another product to put on my "Must Try" list. Thanks!

Dee said...

I would kill to be in Egypt right now! beautiful pictures hun! I've been hearing so many good things about Etude House products. It really gives your skin a sheen. Nice review!

Unknown said...

I've tried Etude's previous sunbase (Etude shine sun guard), it had SPF 32 and shimmer too. It was rather creamy and not moisturizing, I didn't really like it. Have you tried it too?

If you have, how'd you compare these 2 items?

Thanks, Kath ^.^

Madt said...

I've been eyeing that product from the newly opened Etude Shop here in the Philippines...but I purchased instead the Precious Mineral BB Cream in Sheer Glowing #2, and I'm currently loving it...:)

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