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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer 2009: Integrate Impact Double Liner in #10 Black x Silver

I am so behind with my reviews! After studying heavily for exams I am usually some days totally exhausted and burned out and feel just lazy afterwards =P I also have to say that the amount of makeup (and beauty stuff in general) I purchased in the past months is rather little as I just feel that I am so stocked with everything already and previous collections weren't THAT great. Also I have been more interested in hauling from Etsy and stationery stuff (esp. from Gmarket and Etsy hehe).

Anyways, I got some beauty stuff and the Integrate Impact Double Liner was quite a surprisingly great find for the Summer!

I have to admit that in general I am not so fond of most 2 in 1 items as often they're just mediocre... however the liner/cream shadow (or metallic liner) combo from Integrate in color #10 came out really nicely.

You get a sleek rather fat pen with a fine black liquid liner on one side and metallic silver cream with a stiff spongy applicator on the other side. You can tuck this into your pocket or toss it in your purse as it's a very handy little tool!

The brush of the black side is quite fine and flexible and the ink is really deep black. I think this is one of the nicest liquid liners I tried so far as liquid liners tend to be tricky but this liner is just great!

The silver cream (with a 2mm wide hard spongy applicator) is a pretty soft metallic shade with decent pigment. I was worried it might be too much but it looks really soft and pretty! Once this dries it stays in place all day long which is really great! I used this all over my lids and on the inner 1/3 of my lower lids and loved the look! (sorry, no EOTD pic! I forgot to take pics! =X)

The lasting power of both is fantastic, I experienced no smudging, fading, creasing or smearing all day long. I don't know if it's waterproof but the lasting power is great!

This will be a great summer essential for me as I just need to add mascara and my eyes are done!

You can get this on ichibankao for around US$20 which isn't bad for a liner and a liquid shadow/liner. I am not sure when/if Adambeauty will carry this!

This item will definitely be on my list to take to my trip to Egypt!
(I am *trying* to bring as little as possible this time... I am sure I'll still end up with like 15 eye palettes lol)

You can also find this in gold/brown!


. said...

Wow! It looks so cool! I really can't wait to go to Japan so I can look for products by Integrate. Do you know where I'll be able to find them? Are they drugstore products or over the counter products? I was thinking they were relatively low-medium end ish judging by the prices in my Chinese Vivi magazine...

anna. said...

That silver cream is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

When are you leaving for Egypt? Aww, I'll miss you!! The Integrate liner-cream shadow looks like huge double-sided pen. It looks cool xD I'm loving the pics you'vs been taking with your new camera, the quality is fantastic! I love close-up shots :D

KRYSTAL said...

wow looks like a good product! the silver one is nice!

fuzkittie said...

These dual ended pens are so popular this season!

Tracy said...

The silver is pretty intense for a liquid shadow/liner form as compared to others, nice rich consistency! Pretty... do show how it is on the lids...

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm Mary and new her~
Generally I don't like double liners, but the colors are sooo intense! *.* mmmm Gotta consider buying it in the future.

Mz. W said...

Nice review! I'm glad to hear that it has great staying power even if it didn't say waterproof. =D Silver is also very versatile too!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Hey Lotus Palace, love your blog :)
and Woow the silver is very solid, I really like that :)

Sofie said...

Wow, this one looks gorgeous! Gah, need to check it out in gold&brown!

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