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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Those who follow my Etsy postings will know that Siamsquare is one of my absolute top sellers there!
A good part of the things in my purse I use daily are from her (my new eco bag and my Nintendo DS pouch e.g. about which I will post soon).

The sweet lady running the store, Masko, has offered to send me 2 items to give away on my blog to my readers!

-In addition, anyone who wants to purchase from her (click HERE) and mentions my blog in the notes to seller will get 5% off on orders under US$35 and %10 off if your purchase is over US$35. Valid until the end of August! Just check out as normal (don't forget to mention my blog) and pay and you'll get a refund through from Masko to your Paypal account!

-One of the buyers mentioning my blog will also have the chance to win a small quilted Sanrio Cinnamoroll box pouch! I have a similar one and the fabric is so cute!! Winner will be picked by Siamsquare and announced in the blog early September!

There are 2 pouches in the givaway, so 2 readers will be picked randomly (though since I pick twice out of all comments you have the chance to win both pouches, too!)!

I have the pouches here and they're really soft and fluffy! The fabrics used are discontinued ones from Japan!

-Pouch 1:

-Pouch 2:

To participate please:

-follow my blog through BLOGGER (if you aren't a follower yet scroll down my blog and click on "follow this blog"

-go to Siamsquare's shop and browse her items and also sold items and tell me 1 or more items you like most (just comment on this post; emails or comments on other posts or in the Cbox will be ignored, sorry!)
You can also browse her flickr album here!

The giveaway will end on Sunday, August 23rd at 9 PM (my time, that's GMT+1).

The winners must please send me their addresses to within 3 days after I announce the winners.

Thanks everyone for participating and Good Luck!!
Oh and I will also add a few extra goodies for the winners! =)


Anonymous said...

Mini Laptop Sleeve Tote --Sugar bunny-- Custom order

Ti_Amo said...

I'm a follower already : )

I LOVE this wristlet from Siamsquare:

It's gorgeous! : ) Hope to win!

Unknown said...

Hi ,
This is Lara from Malta (Europe) I simply adore your blog. . . the Japanese brands you review are out of this world! I also bought thngs from Etsy. . from sellers you mentioned,I bought a bag from Chigu!:-)thanks to your blog. .. .I absolutely love the pleated granny bag from Siamsquare!
My email is

mandy said...

Etsy items are so cute! I really like the Whale Zipper pouch, Round zipped organizer/passport case/wallet, and the bird mini pouch. They seem like they're the perfect size! :)

Laura L said...

I think the polka dot is really cute. And since it comes in such a girly blue color.. it totally makes a good makeup pouch for me.

SS said...

Just become your follower. =)

Been influenced by you too regarding Etsy. Bought some items from one of your previous hauls, CHC by Little Paris as well as others.

SiamSquare is already one of my favourite sellers and I have one item on my favourites. =P

Love her quilted box pouches too. Would love to have another cute pouch to add to my growing collection.

anna. said...

I'm following under the name of dimpleyy :)

I love

It's so cute! And it's a great idea to go green!

Amy said...

I really like the Mini Laptop Sleeve Tote --Sugar bunny-- Custom order

and the Padded Nintendo DS / DSi Case -- Linen x Japanese cotton

my email is

seraphim said...

OMG!!! i've been looking for fabric accordian card to use as my everyday wallet for such a long time.

Shop N' Chomp said...

My faves are the Drawstring Shell Pouch --Japanese Waffle Linen--, Zipper Pocket Pouch -- Owl Canvas, and the Make your own -- Accordion Fold Card Case!

Thank you for doing this giveaway, Kathi! :)

Ida said...

my favorite is this one:

(origami pouch - lacy dot linen)

i really like it- how it opens origami style, the lining, and the fabric used. i'm a sucker for little frail, light looking things :)

amynaree said...

i love her nintendo ds case, they are so adorable!

this one's my favorite:

cushycottage said...

i like this accordion card case with sakura element.

i have lots of cards and this is a prefect fit. i should probably get it :)

hope to win!

birkinbagbeauty said...

hey, nice giveaway...

I will absolutely pick the accordion fold case as a favourite, as it has been in my favourite box for ages.

Unknown said...

This is a really unique giveaway!! Etsy is so addicting, lol.

I really love this: -- especially because sakura is my favourite flower. =)

cleung341 said...

I really like her origami pouch & wristlet. She's so talented, I wish I had skills like that.

Milo said...

I so love this kind of wallet because now we always have various cards to carry around. This is a great case to be organized. Also, love the cute fabric so much!

Samantha said...

Love this folding accordion!:

Kimberly said...

I'm so in love with this!

She is so super talented, & I love the all the great things you can find on Etsy.


We are Ribbonholics! said...

I like these! They look so cute and sweet. I especially love the first one because of the lacy designs

Sheyz Go said...

I love the Accordion Card Case --100 Cats and Bamboo Ring Linen Bag!

They're so cute. :)

Unknown said...

omg =o the stuff is so cool.

I love these three items <3 i heart the fabric and design!!
Patchwork Linen Zippy Pouch with clip

Tree Print Boxy Bottom Tote

Green button bag

the photos on there are taken very well too. xD makes it all the more attractive!

throuthehaze said...

I love the Quilted Box Pouch Large--bambi

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

♥ Starryxuan said...

My favs are

It look pretty and young for my makeup pouch!


Simply loves the color! small bag to bring out for lunch! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the Mini Laptop Sleeve Tote:

and the Quilted Box Pouch -- Japanese fabric Temari:

They are so cute and practical~ Love their designs and colour!

Sofie said...

Oh god.. o_o I love so much stuff in this store!

I really like her "Accordion Card Case --Midnight Sakura --Custom order" Such a pretty fabric ;_;

And her "Quilted Box Pouch Japanese fabric ---Reserved"

and the "Accordion Card Case --100 Cats" Is lovely! I love the little cats! ^^

moonlight_sleeping said...

Padded Large Box Pouch --Decole Canvas

- cute pouch for makeup. the design of the pouch says it all!

Marie said...

This Pouch Is Adorable!!

Both of your pouches are so lovely I hope I win one of them!! :D

♔ AHCINNS ♔ said...

HER items are so kawaii :]
My favourite items from her shop is:

It is unique and girly.. I really like the compartments :]

and this item too ^___^; i love love it! too bad it's sold out though!

Eclecticldy said...

These are my favs...
Bamboo Ring Linen Bag

Padded Box Pouch -- Lacy Linen—RESERVED

Zippy Wallet - - - Reserved - - -

Mz. W said...

Thanks Kathi and Masko for doing this giveaway!
My fave is this lilac bag:
The fabric is exactly what I like!

Another is this laptop bag:
I wonder how much it would cost to custom make one for my laptop? LOL!

Good luck everyone!

K said...

i love Siamsquare^^ the materials are so cute and everything looks so well made.

the ds cases are the best i've seen! so cute~

and i love the quilted pouches.. i NEED one for each of my cameras-- haha but must save first^^ xox

slipbananapeel said...

It's so pretty and practical.

marsbarsx3 said...

I love the Linen Accordion fold card case. Its cute and simple sothis would definitely be something I would use.

tessa said...

Hi Kathi,

my favourite item is the Pleated dumpling wristlet (! It's just adorable!

Thank you!


Mandy said...

I love this pouch! :)

The pigs and polkadots are so adorable! Followed you through blogger~

Anonymous said...

I really like those fabrics! What caught my eyes are the Accordion Fold Card Holders (all of them) and the Banana Boat Wristlet - Ume Blossom. All the items featured are really well made!

Jenn said...

This puff bag was really cute:

and so was this bambi pouch:

They Say Fairytales Could Never Exist In Real Life said...

dun it reminds u of pussy cat doll? PURRRRRFECT

Best Anti-aging Products said...

I'm not participating because I live really far away. But good luck to all participants! I do love the bear pouch. So cute!

tina said...

I love this Padded Nintendo DS case because I have a pink Nintendo that would look very cute in it...

I am a follower and would like to enter for this giveaway...


Kiara Tesoro said...

love your blog. we share the same passion for korean and japanese products

My favorites from siam square is the card holder with 100 cats and the owl pocket pouch

Shi said...

i liked the DS case. My DS is so scratched up. haha

Jean said...

found your blog when browsing around..just became your follower~
I love the NDS pouch (
and the Kapomcrafts' mobile phone pouch!
Love their items! Might purchase from them in the future~

Unknown said...

wow so many contestants =DD
My overall favourite is this granny bag:
When I'm not as broke as i'm now, i'm definitely gonna order that last one. If it's gone, then this is my choice:

Oh, I'm also a follower ;D
Have a good day!

Saito Florence said...

I'm follower.I really like this mitsuko-blue bag.The shape is cute & the material they used is very special :)

Siany said...

My favourite is the custom made cinnamoroll pouch here :D

There are loads of other cute stuff in in Masko's store too!

watercoloursky said...

I'm a follower already. Thank you for holding another giveaway!

My favourites are:

Pleated dumpling wristlet:

Double compartment zipper organizer:

Zuuchini said...

My favorite gotta be the padded box pouch with cotton lace! Just love the design of the textile! and perfect to carry around in my purse for makeups stuff!!

Amanda K said...

I'm a follower, I follow you on blogger.

I like the Drawstring Shell Pouch ---Bunny with Sakura. It looks adorable!

Thank you for the giveaway!

DinaXYYan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily said...

I followed u for a while, I really luv your blog, but I have to clarify I follow u under name "Monkichi"

my fave item is the
Lotion Tube Pouch -- Padded / Scotish Terrier

and fave item thats sold out is
Padded Cosmetic Case --custom order-

Isabella said...

I've been a follower of your blog :D

I really like this organizer from etsy..even though it's already sold T_T

jenna said...

I like this Box Pouch, so cute I love deer!!

Hi! Thanks for the contest!

Denysia said...

I'm already a follower!

I love these two items:

Thank you for having this giveaway! :)

Ruthlessrocks said...

I love this!

evie said...

i love this

and THis!!

thanks for having this giveaway! =)

Anonymous said...

the items from siamsquare are too cute(゜∀゜)(^ω^)
i`m so tempted to order some stuff(> ∀<)/
i only hope that the charge for international shipping for siamsquare orders aren`t too high(´・ω・`), since the fee for the german customs is already killing me xD

Padded Box Pouch with Cotton Lace

i love the pattern of this pouch. it gives that antique feeling to me

Social Butterfly said...

ahww they are soo cutee!!
i am in love with them

i like these:




my name is: Suheda Sen

MJHill said...

I follow Masko on twitter and her bags and pouches are so adorable! I love all of her pouches in the My Folklore fabric by Lecien. Like this one:

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