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Friday, July 10, 2009

My Etsy week & Adambeauty haul

I received some Etsy hauls this Tuesday and today and I also got an Adambeauty order today with some staples I needed to stock up for my upcoming Egypt trip and some new Summer goodies from Coffret D'or and Lunasol. I also purchased a Collagen Gel Super Sensitive from Dr. Ci:Labo as it looked like the perfect skin saver for the dry air in Egypt.

Here's a teaser pic of my Adambeauty haul (reviews will follow later):

My Etsy stuff includes this time:

I just have to say that I totally love her stuff! After purchasing the key pouch I browsed her shop more diligently and stumbled across so much pretty stuff I hauled some more (and more things on the way, will mostly post about them next week as they should be arriving by then).
Her items are so pretty and well-made and have that special zakka touch =D She uses mostly Japanese fabrics, but not the loud super kiddy kawaii prints but rather the more muted and subtler floral fabrics that are so pretty and elegant. Some items have a vintage flavor to them I really adore!

I hauled twice.. the first contains:

-a gorgeous linen case which fits my iPhone with the plastic shell *perfectly* (look at the cute small lipsticks, mirrors and necklaces! The print also has some fine glitter on it!). The backside has some lace attached. So sweet!

-a Sunbonnet Sue case for my cam as I figured out it's easier to have a case that fits exactly to protect the cam and make it easier to tuck it into my pocket.

-a Little Red Riding Hood frame pouch (look at the sweet gingham bottom and sheep fabric lining!)

and the 2nd haul (which I got just today even though I just ordered it less than a week ago!):

-Small pencil case (been eying this for some time and finally gave in). The fabrics used are so sweet!!

-bell-shaped key pouch made of cute piggy fabric! I needed another key pouch for my keybunch in Egypt =D

-and I also got this cute lavender bag (smells so good! I love lavender!). The little drawstring pouch is fully lined and came with a little blue pillow filled with lavender buds. The fabric she chose is perfect, it even says lavender on one side!

I purchased 2 more items from her store and I am checking daily for new releases! =D

I found this sweet tote bag made of the same fabric as my wonderful large box pouch I got from Siamsquare recently. I thought a tote that matches would be a great idea as I want to use the box pouch to keep my skincare and the tote to hold my body/hair care for my trip.
Look how cute she packed it! I highly recommend checking out her store!

This lady had 4 pouches for US$10 and US$2.50 flat rate shipping so I got 4 cute little pouches for the kids. While these are not as perfectly made as e.g. the ones from simbiosisbyjulia they're definitely a great deal and the fabrics/linings used are really sweet.

This girl from Germany (whose name is the same as mine lol) is selling few but very sweet items. I got this wallet for my daughter and it's really sweet. There are 3 huge card slots you can stuff with lots of stuff. There is also a long pocket for bills and a little zippered compartment for coins. I also think the little hand stitched house & tree are so sweet!

I also got 3 cute memo pads from seller kitknittystore on eBay (also kitknitty on Etsy). Love all 3! I especially dig those San-X Neko No Panya sheets as they're printed on both sides (one is a colorful pic, the back is for writing). There is also a sheet with stickers. Very sweet!

Oh, if you order from any of these sellers please mention that you found them through my blog =) That'd be very sweet, thanks!


izumi said...

those are adorable!! i'm in need of small notepad type things :)

amynaree said...

nice haul! all the pouches are so adorable!!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Kathi, your hauls really are the best. P.S I've been wondering about FreePlus products. Can't wait for the review! :)

anna. said...

I'm always so jealous of your Etsy hauls!

Anonymous said...


Mz. W said...

House of Jam has the cutest stuff! I wanted those key covers SO bad but they are always reserved =( Can't wait for the reviews too!

Tracy said...

The little memopads are so cute! I will not bear to use them at all...

KRYSTAL said...

i love everything! your hauls are always cuuuuute!

Anonymous said...

I love your Etsy hauls, and I never get tired of them :D I prefer elegant prints too, and I can't wait to see what you got from Adambeauty!

Paris B said...

Kathi! We used the same seller for the pouches hehe... I just ordered a cam pouch too but I'm going to use it for my phone instead. I lose my old one :( Happy weekend!

Zoe said...

All the items are sooooooooo pretty, love ur haul^^

Laura L said...

aww... your etsy haul is always sooo cute

Ruthlessrocks said...

I checked out knitkitty's stuff and was just about to buy a couple of really cute items when I realized the shipping costs were as much as the items!! 10.50 for stationary and stickers? I don't think so... sigh too bad they were cute

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow nice haul very cute hand made stuff

Usagi Chan said...

That's A LOT of cute stuff! Love everything ^-^

Jamilla Camel said...


Reggie Mcquinn said...

absolutely LOVE!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention! I get lots of visitors from your blog post, thank you!!

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