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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall 2009: Lunasol Star Shower Eyes 04 Star River & Shizukuboshi Jyouka Stardust On Eyes EX-01 Silver

Again I have been posting so little *sigh*. Honestly I lost a bit interest in blogging lately as I am starting to get super busy with my studies (again) and I had a fraught emergency with my youngest Sara a week ago (she's all fine and well now but she gave me the most shocking 15 minutes of my life!) which just reminded me once again what matters most.

I am way behind my reviews, I have so much stuff probably good for 100+ postings and I will try to catch up on as much as possible over the next period. I also got so much cute Etsy and stationery stuff but will only post some selected items as I just don't have the time anymore to take pics of everything I get, sorry!

As every fall Lunasol added a new range of eyeshadow palettes to their range.
This year's series is called "Star Shower Eyes" and come in the same signature metallic chocolate bronze cases like the other palettes.

I don't know why but I wasn't that keen on the new Lunasol stuff however one of the palettes looked pretty so I decided to go for it.
I wasn't that keen on my Blooming Eyes (=Layer Bloom Eyes) palette as the result was a bit chalky and dull.
The Star Shower Eyes palette I chose is 04 Star River. I also got the palette in 05 Close of Night for my mum whom I made a fan of Lunasol hehe =P

The texture of the shades in the Star Shower Eyes palette is very smooth and packs good pigment in the purple and dark charcoal color. The white and silver are more sheer which is suitable for highlighting shades in my opinion.
To my delight all shades have a rather pearly instead of glittery finish. The shade at the bottom left has a fine multi-colored glitter but far less chunky and annoying as the glitter shade in most of the other Lunasol palettes.

The dark color at the bottom right has a very complex finish, almost like a soft metallic and not the dull dark gray found in many other brands. This is a vibrant and interesting color.
The purple is grayish so it flatters me perfectly. The top left shade is a pretty white highlighter and the slightly glittery shade below it is a light silver.

All in all a great palette I used several time already and got compliments nearly every time I wore it (something that rarely occurs honestly!).
I got this from who offered the best price for this palette when it came out. I think still you get the best deal there despite shipping and handling charges.

I also picked up the Shizukuboshi Jyouka Stardust On Eyes EX-01 Silver. I actually don't know why I got this as I am not so much a fan of glitter shadow hehe.

This is a Limited Edition eyeshadow single which contains only glitter, no color so you're supposed to dab this on top of your regular shadows for added sparkle.

Actually I like this product, the glitter is very fine and elegant, I used this on top of the Star Shower Eyes palette and the result was stunning. This will be a cute little item for the upcoming holidays, too!
I got this from Gooddealer, too!

Here is a closeup pic of the Star Shower Eyes in 05. Since it was a gift for my mum there are certainly no swatches.

On another note: Here is some food porn =P We were invited to my cousin's graduation party and got these delicious dishes:

Salad with salmon as a starter

The main dish was delicious! Veggies, potato gratin and guinea fowl (a yummy type of poultry)

As dessert we got Panna Cotta with fruits


Mona said...

star showers #5 looks really similar to guerlain's bai de nuit palette from the imperiale holiday collection

~Lisa said...

The Star Showers Palette #5 looks really nice!! I just love neutrals ^^

& lovely food! They all look so yumm-eh! LOL

Please visit my blog at

Catherine said...

The Star Shower Eyes look soooo sooo pretty.

And amazing food pictures!

Anonymous said...

Yay, isn't 04 Star River an adorable palette? I heart it a lot. <3

I've ordered a few goodies form Gooddealer, but still waiting for it to arrive (actually, it has been more than one week since I ordered the stuff).

I also wanted to get 05 Close of Night, so I looked up at Gooddealer, but it's not available anymore (or maybe temporarily).

Babybubblz said...

05 close of the night looks like a beautiful neutral palette. exactly what i need! thanks =)

Anonymous said...

Lunasol stardust on eyes ex-01 is more shiny or BB sparkle eyeshadow is more shiny? Thank you?

Strawberry Cube said...

Lunasol palettes are so pretty! I really like that dark one~

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