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Friday, October 2, 2009

Revlon Runway Collection (design nails)

I got the oppurtunity to test-drive Revlon's new Runway Collection artificial nails and after really using them for over a month it's time to review them now.
The Runway Collection offers you a variety of medium-length artificial nails with pretty decorated tips (and one set I received has a croco print all over) so you get beautiful nails without really any effort.
All you need to do is glue them on your nails and the strong glue will bond them to your nails for a week - 10 days.

I admit that to the day I received my packs of the Revlon nails I had never used artificial nails at all. I honestly don't do much with my nails anyway as no manicure stays on longer than 2 or 3 days without starting to get scratched, chip or looking dull.

When I used my first set of the Runway Collection nails I wasn't sure if I was going to like them. I had the glue (which dries in like 5-10 seconds or so) all over my fingers and it was hard to remove it.
However with a little of patience and practice I am mastering the application quite well now. The key is starting on my right hand with the small finger and making sure that I apply enough glue (otherwise I'll end up with white air bubbles which decreases the wear time and doesn't look that nice). I then attach the nail from the base pressing it gently down towards the tip and then holding it firmly down for a few seconds until the nail and glue bond.
Removal is easy with an acetone pot but it's sort of yucky honestly. Anyway, for having 10 days of beautiful nails I will put up with that hehe =D

The nails really lasted on me the whole time which was actually exceeding my expectation.

The medium length for me is okay, I would prefer them a little shorter because I am used to shorter nails. But since my nail beds are quite small these nails might be shorter on someone with longer nail beds.

The nails fit nicely even though I have rather flat and short nail beds. However I can use one 24 piece package only for 1 mani as most of the nails are just to wide or long.

All in all I love the designs and ease of use. If I want fancy nail tips I don't need to go to the salon so this saves me much money. I never tried a salon mani here but from my friends I know it's very pricey. I would love to see some short nails added to the collection though!


Laura L said...

aww... i like the way they look. I just received a set, designed same as the last picture.. i love how they look, really natural, but I was like u, and I wasn't so sure how to use it and remove it.
do u mind to do a video about it??

Denysia said...

I really love the last pair! They look super cute! :)

Emily said...


(PS:o yah can u please check your e-mail !! i need help with gmarket!! THANKS!! :D)

Ghoulina said...

The designs all look so cute! I was kinda hoping to see how they looked on your hands though! Thank you for this review...I would probably never have thought to try these, but now I think I'll pick up a pack! ^_^

Faye said...

Awww they are so cute! I love them, especially the 1st pair!

Gel-Nails said...

Nice Post! Thanks for sharing us........

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