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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall 2009: Maquillage (& Alexander Wang)...2x Eyes Creator 3D & Perfect Gloss

Maquillage is one of my top brands (among with Kate, Lavshuca, Jill Stuart, Esprique Precious and more lol)... anyway, Maquillage usually has exceptionally good quality products (many of my daily staples are from MQ...their foundations in OC-00 usually are my best match... except for powdery ones)

The Eyes Creator 3D eyeshadow series is one of the best shadow range I have found this year (haven't tried the cream-only summer palettes though!). The shadows are buttery soft and pigmented, silky and blend well. And most colors have a certain luster without being glittery which makes them look really good on my eyes (and keeps the shadows from looking dull).
Each palette gives you 5 colors, 2 of them being creams (a base and a liner) and 3 powder shadows (1 for lids, a deeper accent one and a highlighter). Some of their color combos are a bit odd but still manage to look good in my opinion.

MQ released 5 new palettes for fall of which I picked up 2, one of the regular colors and one of the limited Alexander Wang colors housed in a black case instead of the standard pinkish silver ones.
I also got 2 of the new Perfect Gloss lippies and these are absolute faves now, I have been reaching for them very often within the previous month!

The 2 Alexander Wang palettes are safe neutral daily-wear colors (aka browns hehe). I picked up the cooler palette and it indeed is a safe and perfect choice for everyday wear.

The other palette I picked up is the new gray one as it looked gorgeous, too. I didn't pick up the pink and green palettes as these didn't appeal to me that much.

The texture is great, just as I described above. The cream base btw is actually good, I used it and the colors went on vibrantly and didn't fade or crease (as I had expected) on me.
The cream liner is ok, not the best, but it's pigmented and applies smoothly. However it's a cream liner, not a gel liner, so it does fade a bit.

The colors are:

This is the Alexander Wang palette. The colors are a bit sheerer than the other Eyes Creator palettes and are a light golden brown, medium plummy taupe, light taupish cream to highlight. The cream base is a pearly golden white and the cream liner is a deeper version of the plummy accent color albeit a bit more plummy brown than taupe. All 3 powders have a beautiful pearl finish. The glitter you see on the pics is just an overspray.


When I first opened the palette I wasn't sure if I'd like the color combo. It looked a bit weird and the blue looked somehow wrong with the taupe/grays but since I trust Maquillage to come up with good colors I decided to give it a try. The colors harmonize perfectly!
You get a metallic light taupe gray with an intense lustrous (not glittery!) finish, medium iridescent blue gray, intensely pigmented metallic off-white. The cream base is a pale gold and the cream liner is a deep neutral brown that goes so well with the metallic taupe gray.
This palette is really super pimented and it's a joy playing around with the fantastic metallics in this palette hehe =D

All in all I am tremendously enjoying both palettes! Both are much better choices than the GY865 palette which has this strange mustard brown paired with a taupe and stark white. I am comparing them to GY865 as both new palettes are in the same color scheme (I reviewed this palette in Spring or so) =)

Maquillage admittedly also makes some of the finest lipsticks and glosses Japanese brands have to offer. I believe since MQ debuted I have collected over 50 lippies from them...oops!
I certainly was super excited when I spotted their new glosses as I was sure I'd love them!
The new Perfect Gloss comes in a sleek silver/clear tube with wand. The applicator is a flat soft fuzzy spatula which deposits the gloss so well!

The texture of the gloss is divine. A slick soft cream with nearly no stickiness I can detect. Also the pigment is very good so the color you see in the tube is pretty much the result you'll see on your lips. The finish is a beautiful shimmery and shiny glossy mouth. Very purdy!
The lasting power on me is quite good, about 2 hours I'd say. Reapplying is easy though as I don't feel my lips are getting more sticky or gooey from reapplying without removing the color remains first.
All in all it's total love! The Perfect Gloss in my opinion *is* perfect.

Again I went for 2 safe colors. In my opinion noone can make more perfect natural colors than the Japanese brands.

RD711: This is a beautiful rosy brown
RS702: Beautiful light cool pink, very much a MLBB color on me ;D
Both colors are shimmery but the shimmer is very finely milled.

You can get the palettes on Adambeauty. You can get both the glosses and shadow quints from Gooddealer (where I ordered), Ichibankao and possibly some other online shops.

So all in all this is an absolutely winning collection for me. While the colors aren't really original or very special this is a solid collection of excellent quality.


Jenn said...

Love this collection, especially the glosses!

Alex said...


Thank you so much for the post! Your blog is awesome (for the 209384748x times) lol

hanidee said...

I was hesitant to get the GY867 too because of the colors. It looks beautiful on you! I haven't tried Maquillage's glosses or lipsticks yet, but I might just so soon!

Catherine said...

How pretty!!

Good to hear from you again. =)

anna. said...

Wow it looks so pretty! I love the shimmer look! :D

Denysia said...

wow! that look is beautiful!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Very pretty! :)

Tracy said...

I've got the brown Alex Wang palette and it's still sitting on my dresser waiting to be used. Now you've reminded me of it so I'll be needing to use it this week. lol! I have too much stuff to go through. :) Thanks for the great entry!

Laura L said...

the lippies are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


I just had an etsy store for you to check out. She's very talented in her sewing, especially coin purses. Her store is JPATPURSES. Its all very inexpensive as well.

Kristine said...

those palettes are so tempting! and the maquillage glosses! thanks for the post !

Blovet Beauty said...

I swatched these and didn't really like the color payoff. however, GY867 looks great on U!

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