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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My past 4 Etsy weeks I: HouseofJam & FishboneStudio

While I was in Egypt I didn't really buy anything away from 4 small galabeyas/caftans as gifts... and food... There is simply nothing to buy in Egypt, seriously! I am not into that tourist kitsch normally as I have been going to Egypt so many times in my life already!
That's why I love to massively shop online lol! I purchased lots of Etsy goodies and also quite some items from the Japanese fall collections of Kate, Lavshuca, Jill Stuart, Maquillage and MM... it's really cool to come home and find a stack of packages waiting for you =D (I also had 5 notifications and my first deed was picking the packages up from the PO right after I arrived at my home Tuesday morning after an exhausting night flight hehe! My 2nd deed was going to sleep lol!)

Anyway, I am splitting the Etsy posts up, today I'll show you my favorite purchases I made thus these were the most eagerly anticipated parcels of all!

The fabulous Julie from HouseofJam on Etsy seriously has some of the most unique, zakka and beautiful items you can get on Etsy (all made of Japanese fabrics etc). She is working together with a partner and both ladies really offer you the sweetest pouches and phone/gadget cases you can imagine. If you followed my Etsy posts you will already be familiar with her shop I am sure! After I posted about my key pouch I got from her she got swamped with requests to get one, too! Haha!
Please note that she doesn't take custom orders right now but she's listing gorgeous items nearly daily!

Julie also is helping her friend with the listings in her FishboneStudio store who is offering a similar style of items.
I purchased from both stores, some of the HouseofJam items were custom orders made especially for me and they're so gorgeous I love even just holding them in my hand and looking at them!

From HouseofJam I got (Updated the post before even posting with 3 more items I received today lol):

-Beautiful medium bear tote:

The fabric is so pretty, I love the sweet honey bottle print! The fabric used is Japanese and actually produced in Japan, too, so it really is a fantastic quality! the lining is a cute deep brown fabric with beige, cream and black polka dots! I love the cute star charm on the pocket zipper!
The size is perfect to carry magazines, take packages to the post or just toss in your wallet, phone, keys and some good books =D

-2 Sony eBook reader sleeves:

These were custom orders for me! One for my mom and one for myself as we both got the ebook reader this summer!
I told Julie this about my case: "
I´d love to have it in a sweet zakka style (maybe with floral accents and a bit of lace or so...colors preferably linen, cream, pink, anything soft and sweet)" and she did one *EXACTLY* the way I wanted it! I was seriously amazed when I saw the pics in the listing! And it's so cute how she picked up the theme of reading with the alphabet fabric, the cute reading bear and the hand-stitched "read laugh live" on the back!

For the other reader case I requested an elegant and more plain style as it's for my mom and she loves it and uses it all the time for her reader, too!
I gave Julie only the approximate measurements of the ebook reader with the softcover and the sleeves fit perfectly!

-Teapot key pouch:

I picked up the original key pouch back in May or June and been using it all the time as it's so cute! Since I love to alternate between my pouches I asked Julie if I could have more key covers and she listed this teapot cover for me! It's so darn cute! I love it so much! She said it took her *5* hours to do this case for me and I am still in awe! But the outcome is certainly perfect!

-Sunbonnet Sue key pouch:

I also got this cute little key pouch! The Sunbonnet Sue is made of various fabrics, pinks on one side and blues on the other. There is also a cute knitted flower accent on the cord. Really love this cute little key pouch!

-Card case:

What should I say? I just love the fabrics used for this! I am such a sucker for for those faux patchwork Japanese linen fabrics like the one used, lace and gingham lining! Holds 20 cards with ease (and mine is full to the last pocket!).

-Zipper pouch:

I couldn't pass up this adorable beige/blue zipper pouch! My favorite part is the cute cat with crayon applique on the back of it! So cute!

-Taupe linen/cotton makeup pouch:

You knew I couldn't resist this, right? Light taupe with roses and lace? Had to be mine sure =P
This pouch is a little larger than my beloved deep brown cat makeup pouch with the pretty cart/flower applique (the one I wrote about here!) so it can hold a bit more stuff. Love the cute lace accent and the zipper pull!

-Le Sucre medium makeup bag:

I saw several items made of this adorable "Le Sucre" fabric but they were always reserved for someone else.. so I arranged to have a large makeup bag made as actually despite all the pouches I own a really nicely sized large makeup bag was something I missed out so far (with a large gusset etc.). So i got this absolutely stunning large (8.3 x 6.1 x 2.95 inches = 21 x 15.5 x 7.5 cm) makeup bag and it's really fab! I love the cute fabric and the back shows this cute shop made of various gingham and polka dot fabrics

2x iPhone pouch (My garden):

I got also these 2 cute iPhone pouches, they're wider so they fit the iPhone with plastic shell perfectly. I am only keeping one, 1 is a gift for someone special =)

And I got these 2 items from FishboneStudio:

-House key pouch:

Haha! Here we have a house key pouch again! This one is so cute, too! The combination of fabrics is really sweet!

-iPhone/cam/gadget case:

I really think the soft greenish blue fabric with ivory flowers is so pretty! The flap is made of a light brown fabric with lace and button accent! It also has a wrist strap which is always very convenient!
Fits my Olympus cam or iPhone with plastic shell perfectly!

I am thoroughly enjoying all items, even if I am not using all at the same time (after all, I can't use 3 key pouches in the same time hehe) =D


Lisa said...

All the lovely pouches!~ You must have gazillions of them already.

Blovet Beauty said...

i always adore ur etsy hauls.. such a cute makeup pouch :)

DinaXYYan said...

wow!! i envy you!! haha..

Laura L said...

aww, Kathi, they are soo cute <3

oh, can u tell me which etude house sunblock is the best? I read your previous blog that u got some etude house sunblock... I'm interested to get another tube but need some advice..hehe
have u tried the sunblock in balm form? I've only test a lil bit at the outlet, it is pretty dried for me, but it does control oil.

aBi said...

The pouches are so adorable. Thanks for sharing. :)

acutelife said...

You make a good marketer for those etsy products!! :D so cute!esp the teapot!

Mz. W said...

Wow what a nice haul! I love her stuff too! I recently got the teapot key cover too...can't wait to receive it in the mail =P

K said...

i really have to get one of those key holders. i love them so much. they look so well made.
+ i love the sucre makeup pouch you got. very cute house design on the side. the fabric used is so cute. esp on the card case^^

great etsy haul xx

Catherine said...

I love your taste - everything looks so beautiful! Especially love your new large makeup bag - so cute!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I love coming to your blog for my dosage of cute. *^_^*

aileen said...

omg, these are gorgeus! love the fabrics!

C. said...

Wow, those look adorable! I might have to check Etsy out soon =P
Nice buys~

Zoe said...

Wow..those look really cute^^

Masko/SiamSquare said...

Aww, she has lots of fabrics I wish I have an easier access to... makes me wish I could visit Japan more often!
I have to "import" fabrics from my own country (-_-)

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