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Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall 2009: Lavshuca (various)

Lavshuca released a sweet new fall collection so I surely picked up some of their new items.
The fall collection is quite large but I only got 3 of the new Full Balloon Rouges, one of the new colors of the Dual Prism Eyes range and one of the new palette series called Light Mix Eyes. Other than that the items looked all like I could safely skip them!

Even though Lavshuca's lippies are quite a hit and miss for me the item that looked most interesting this fall was the Full Balloon Rouge. I just love the way these sleek click-pens look! There is a small button below the cap you just need to push to distribute the color onto the plastic applicator.

I have to say this lippy is a hit (yay!). Like all Lavshuca lippies it's unscented which is something I prefer in lip products (or makeup in general). The texture of this is rather smooth and only very slightly sticky but surprisingly the lasting power is really good.

The 3 colors I purchased are decently pigmented and offer a brilliant finish so my lips look really plump and seductive (hehe). They all contain very fine shimmer, too!

I am very happy with the colors I picked, they're all gorgeous!
RS-1: A cool mauvey rose. Turns to a MLBB color on me. I love this one! (this is the color shown on my lips below)
PK-3: Very sweet neutral pink
RD-2: An elegant pink beige color.

The only small drawback about these is that each pen only contains a measly 1.6g. For the price of 1260 Yen (about US$13) that's quite little!

The other item from the fall collection I really love is one of the new colors added to the Dual Prism Eyes range. These eyeshadow duos are among my top favorites (especially BR-2, one of the most gorgeous metallic taupe shadow duos I own!) as they're really silky and pigmented (especially the darker color, the highlighter is typically a bit more iridescent and sheerer) and they blend like a dream.

The new color PU-2 comes in the same sleek small eyeshadow case (very handy for taking along) as the other ones and retails for 1300 Yen (plus tax) in Japan. The arrangement of the shadows reminds me of the Ying Yang sign and you get a light and a dark color.

PU-2 contains a fantastic cool deep mauvey purple paired with a sweet lilac.

The item that disappointed me a little is the new Light Mix Eyes in BR-2. The new shadow range seems a little blah (color-wise) so the only color which appealed to me was the cooler brown/taupey quad.

There is nothing bad about the shadows, they're silky, have a pearly finish and are decently pigmented (at least the lid and darkest colors are more pigmented... the "Lighting Powder" which is more of a top coat is very sheer) but the whole quad lacks luster and is just a bit...blah. I know it's a neutral quad and it's a solid choice for a neutral quad but there are just nicer neutral quads out there (my current fave quad is from Coffret D'or).

The powder on the top left is a "Mixing Highlight" which consists of a white base with blue dots scattered throughout. The color on the bottom right (a pale golden beige) is a "Lighting Powder" which they instruct you to dab on top of your finished eye look. The lid color (top right) is a pretty light taupe and the color on the bottom left is a deep neutral chocolate brown (no red tones).

The retail price for these is 1680 Yen/each (approx. US$19).

All in all I am very happy with the new Lavshuca fall collection. Especially the lippies with their soft lustrous colors are a great addition to everyone's makeup collection ;D


hanidee said...

I was hoping that the Balloon Rouge would be nicely pigmented. I'm definitely going to get my hand on some of them! Nice review Kathi.

birkinbagbeauty said...

yey for the heads up about the lippens...I really want a couple of those as well. The colours you bought are absolutely stunning.

Anonymous said...

girl, though i don't post comments often, i read your blog all the time. and i have to tell you this lip colour is the best on your lips that i have seen! and the eye look is fabulous too.

Laura L said...

awww, u make me want those lippies!

watercoloursky said...

Thanks for the review! Glad to know I didn't miss out by passing on their new quads. Now I want to try their glosses though :)

Unknown said...

I believe the katakana translates as "volume" not "balloon".

In any case, thanks for the review!

Blovet Beauty said...

i tried this range in Japan and I love Lavshuca eye palettes. They are pretty and pigment so so so well :)

Alex said...

The color on your lips is beautiful!

Thank you so much for the review=)

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Love those lippies! ^^
They look great on you..=)

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