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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fall 2009: Kate (Part 1): Reflect Mirror Eyes & Super Sharp Liner N

Kate is definitely one of my top favorite brands so their (usually huge) fall collections are one of the highlights of my year (especially since I love fall, it's my favorite season!)! This year they released a brand new eyeshadow series called "Reflect Mirror Eyes" offering us 8 new colors. Along with the new shadows series they updated some new colors to some of their other series, they revamped the mascara base, released a new volumizing mascara, repackaged the Super Sharp Liners and introduced some other things.

I picked up some items and will split the review in 2 parts. The first part will be about the 3 Reflect Mirror Eyes palettes and the Super Sharp Liner N I picked up.

I naturally was excited to see a new "Reflect Mirror Eyes" range of eyeshadows as Kate usually has some of the nicest palettes you can get at a good price.
Unfortunately the new range is a disappointment for me. The shadows are just too sheer for my liking and the colors are too light to get good definition. The shadows are still nice and silky but not really useful for a smokey eye look for fall. If you don't like glitter steer clear of these shadows. They are really glittery!

Each palette contains 3 colors, one is a deeper color (but since it's sheer it's not intense enough for my taste), a lid color (a bit too light) and a highlighter (almost no color, mainly clear glitter).

I got:

Super light pale golden taupe-brown, medium gray, sheer silver sparkle.


Gold (more metallic than glitter and one of the best pigmented shades), deep brown and glittery white gold.


I wanted to love this so much! It is a pretty grayish purple palette but the outcome is so sheer I cannot enjoy the colors that much. The shades are super sheer grayish heather, medium purple gray and silver white glitter.

Adambeauty lists them already so you can check them out there. Ichibankao and Facial-Shop carry these, too.

All in all I am mighty disappointed and would say you can safely skip these.

Kate also has 2 kinds of Super Sharp Liners out: Super Sharp N and the regular one. The difference is that Super Sharp N comes in only one color: Clear deep black (BK-1) and the Super Sharp Liner comes in brown and black (a softer black).
The other difference is that the brush of the N is a bit thicker than of the regular version.

They repackaged both in a sleek black pen to fit with the rest of the lineup and by mistake I picked up the Super Sharp N instead of the Super Sharp (regular) in black. I don't like it! I didn't like the Super Sharp N before and like it even less now.

They "improved" it as you now need to shake it before you use it. The brush is fine but alas a little stiff. The color is really a very deep black but the ink sucks! It's the kind of liquid that creeps in the finest lines that aren't visible normally. So I cannot get a super fine precise line like with the regular Super Sharp Liners. This N one bleeds into the finest lines on my lids making the line look blurry and messy.

I have to pick up one of the revamped regular Super Sharp Liners and I really hope they didn't change anything to the formula or brush or otherwise I'll have to kick someone from Kanebo in his butt!

All in all a not-so-good start for my Kate fall reviews.. the new mascara (ahem), mascara base (good) and Diamond Cut Eyes (haven't played with this yet) will be reviewed soon.. I might add that Kanebo's other drugstore brand Lavshuca has a lovely fall collection I should get around to reviewing soon, too! Oh and Jill Stuart and Maquillage will also follow (MQ is mighty good, such lovely stuff!)


hanidee said...

That's a shame! I was eyeing these palettes too! Sucks that the N liner seeps into your fine lines. I hope they didn't change the formula in the regular super sharp liner!

Anonymous said...

Love the palettes! Dying to get one soon.

MEii said...

the palettes are so cute, i really want the BR-02 now. lol

Catherine said...

Aww, that's unfortunate. Hope your next reviews aren't as disappointing.

Blovet Beauty said...

br2 swatch looks great on ur skin :)

Laura L said...

honestly, i think the Diamond cut eyes and this fall collection, they do look nice but from the touch I'm so disappointed. I swathes them when I went to sasa, but the pigmentation contains too much of shimmer, I gave up.

saintangelius said...

urgh... i see what you mean with the glitter... Maybe the Diamond Eyes will be better as I find the colours for that one darker and more pigmented.

Mz. W said...

Darn that's too bad! I was planning on purchasing one of the eyeshadow palettes before but not so much now, thanks for your review! Looking forward to your other fall stuff =P

aBi said...

The palettes look so pretty though. Too bad they didn't give better results. :)

Usagi Chan said...

They're still cute even if they are sheer :) I like BR-2 and GY-1. I'm Looking forward reading your next reviews!!

. said...

Aww it's a pity they were a disappointment! I guess I'm glad I didnt get them too then! I swatched a few of them on my arm in a drugstore and decided I didn't need/like them much.

I also found that the majolica majorca pen-type eyeliner is much softer than the KATE one.

birkinbagbeauty said...

you are so right about Kate's latest palettes. I normally like sheer colours, but these are even not suitable for me. You could check out the new colour o their Diamond Cut eyes in PU-1 which is a mix of cooler lilacs and purples, however, they might resemble colours you already have.

Alex said...

The pigments are gorgeous.

Thank u for the review! Your blog is so great!

Ana Kessel said...

yep i agree these palettes are total crap! xD they only provide witha bunch of disco ball glitter, and fall outs.. but pigmentation = almost none... i dont understand where kate was going with these .

Mabel said...

I was really hoping that the eyeshadows would be good. I didn't like the design so I didn't order it and ordered glam trick eyes instead. Even though reflect mirror eyes seem really sheer, I hope you can make the best out of them (:

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