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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall 2009: Jill Stuart Vixen & Angelic Collection: Mix Blush Compact #09 & 10...and 2 Jelly Eye Color N

Admittedly the Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact cheek colors are my favorite blushes. I think except for that LE color from 3 years or so ago I have all of them.

What makes them superior to other blushes in my humble opinion are:
-the beautiful mix of colors per compact, allows me to mix and match the way I like
-beautiful flattering color variety
-the absolutely beautiful glowy finish these impart... no glitter (like some other Japanese brands) and no frosty finish (like many of the Korean ones do). My cheeks get a healthy dose of color AND a pretty glow
-the medium pigment which means you can layer these for greater intensity or apply them sheerly and the super finely milled silky texture
-the beautiful packaging and quite good quality brush which is great for touch-ups!

My favorite colors are 04 Rose Bloom and 101 Platinum Illuminance and 102 Gold Illuminance (both were LE); the latter 2 contain a gorgeous highlighter, too!

While both of the 2 new eye palettes from Jill Stuart's Vixen & Angelic collection for Fall 2009 didn't interest me I surely picked up the 2 new Mix Blush Compacts to add them to my collection.

Honestly these 2 won't be my faves as the colors are rather warm and these are quite sheer.
They're really silky and finely milled like the other Mix Blush Compacts but definitely are better suited for someone with warmer-toned skin.
These are scented like all Jill Stuart makeup products.

#09 Little Bouquet: Light warm pink, orange, warm bright pink and medium fuschia. First pic is with flash, 2nd in natural day light.

#10 Sweet Biscuit: Light apricot, pink, pinkish red and tan. First pic taken with flash, the 2nd in natural day light.

I got them from gooddealer who is still the best source for Jill Stuart price-wise. All the other online shops I know are a bit more expensive.

In the same order I also picked up 2 of the Jelly Eye Color N eyeshadows that just came out for the Summer collection. The Jelly Eye Colors got a revamp and are now presented in much prettier princessy glass jars. The former pots were nice but more simple and somehow heavier. However the more interesting colors like the beautiful complex greens have been discontinued and replaced with the usual boring array of pastels so I hope JS will re-release the nicer shades soon.

The pic shows the new Jelly Eye Color N on the right and the old Jelly Eye Color on the left side:

Texture-wise I don't notice a change honestly. The old and the new version have a certain spongy bouncy feeling when you touch them.

The Jelly Eye Color N shadows are decently pigmented and have a beautiful glistening finish. They are a bit hard to blend (and you need to be quick before they set) just like the predecessors but stay on all day on me.
They're scented for which I see no single use in an eye product!
Anyway, I am happy with the colors I picked up, they're both gorgeous.

#03 Platinum Satin is a pretty golden shell pink color with a hint of beige, a perfect natural my-lids-but-better color on me and makes a great base or subtle highlighter. The finish of this is a gorgeous metallic pearl with sparse glitter.

#10 Vintage Decor is a beautiful taupe brown, metallic with a bit more glitter added than Platinum Satin.

The new version contains the same 6g and costs the same price (2200 Yen & 5% tax) so they're not ripping us off with the new version.
I think it was time for JS to revamp the packaging of their popular Jelly Eyes as the packaging started to be copied (*cough* Castledew *cough*) which in my opinion can decrease the value of the original item a bit...


Laura L said...

aww... what a nice haul.the jelly eye are so gorgeous <3 <3

Zoe said...

Wow , those are really nice things u got , I so love how the 03 Platinum Satin eyeshadow looks like, great review^^

Usagi Chan said...

I love everything!!! The Eye Jelly colors look amazing and if they last all day in place they would make the most beautiful base :) they're a bit expensive, though.

Blovet Beauty said...

such pretty eye jellys. vintage decor looks so darn pretty !!

bk377 said...

Jill Stuart has just become available in Korea and I picked up the No.9 Little Bouquet blusher a couple of days ago. I'm loving it, as I'm around an NC30 warm tone so it really does look lovely on medium tone skins.

I agree with you that Castledew's packaging's a complete rip-off of Jill Stuart but the real thing's much nicer!

Anonymous said...

oh i like the looks of those jelly eye colours. i hope this brand comes to malaysia soon. it's been branching out of japan and i think we need it too!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Jelly eye #10 is so pretty I love it! Wish to get them so much

Anonymous said...

where could I get jelly eye color? and how much should I be prepared to pay for it, in $? :)

birkinbagbeauty said...

I honestly like the look of #10 Sweet Biscuit blush, however, for your cooler skintone it indeed might be a bit too warm.

Catherine said...

Wow, these are so pretty!

Chenni said...

great review. I think JS should definitely redo their eye palette. In my opinion, the present ones aren't as durable as other palettes I have used. I just recently received the dazzling moon palette and biscuit blush, love them both.

Sofie said...

Ah nice Jill Stuart goodies you got! I always draw back when I see the price but I am really lemming the eye jelly!

Whitepiano555 said...


i wish i could afford one of Jill stuart blush. ^_^

Daituf said...

Wowwwwwwww... I'm so jealous...
you have so that many JS items?
Lucky lucky girl...

saintangelius said...

Sighs... So pretty... I want these *_* I gotta save up some money.

Anonymous said...

Delicious Jill Stuart goodies! <3

Alex said...


they're so pretty

just to add, some of your pictures aren't showing (perhaps only for me?)


Mz. W said...

i'm fascinated by the texture of the jelly eye color..haha! vintage decor looks pretty =)

kongzy said...

wow~ Jill stuart eye color good!!!

Unknown said...

Would you do s swatch on the 2 blushs? I really want to see them >< Do you think the brush that come with the blush good?

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