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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gmarket haul - Fall 2009: Banila Co De la Couture II and more

Woot! I've been awarded a Gmarket Top Blogger for the months of August and September so I got 2 gift certificates from Gmarket valued at 150.000 Won total. So I had some nice fun money to spend and settled on getting the newest Banila Co stuff I was craving so hard!

I've come to the conclusion that Banila Co is one of the pricier Korean brands (especially give the Won got quite stronger within the previous months) but also one of the highest quality ones (if not THE highest quality Korean brands I personally have tried)

I ordered on September 09 and received my package just a few days ago (!!!). The seller took nearly 3 weeks to ship the package to the Gmarket warehouse and along the way canceled one of my items as it was out of stock.
I was nearly canceling the rest of the order but finally it went through and the package arrived.

To my delight this time I got some nice freebies and all came shipped in one box.
I ordered:
-De La Couture II Eyeshadow Palette - 24000 Won
-Copacabana Blusher (50% off) - 9000 Won
-Eye Love Eye Primer in Temptation (pink/clear) - 15000 Won
-De La Couture II The Mineral Surprise Baking Pact SPF17 PA+ Duo Luminous (pink) - 30000 Won

I got a free Love Holic Pearl Mascara, mini Deep The Eyes Mascara, a
mini lipstick palette (includes lip primer and 4 gorgeous nudes), a collagen filler (not Banila Co), plenty of their new Let Me Bebe BB Cream Sheer and a makeup bag.

This is the seller: CLICK

-De La Couture II Eyeshadow palette:
Maybe you remember the first De La Couture palette that came out as an "early Fall" collection in 2008. The palette was the first Banila Co had released and it was selling out instantly. They restocked a month or so later and I was lucky enough to snap one up as the palette finally sold out a few days after its re-release.

The compact looks similar to the first palette but the lace pattern is a bit different.
This time also the palette contains only 5 powder shadows and one cream shadow base.

The texture and pigment are perfect just like in the first version. You get silky, blendable shadows with a beautiful pearly and shimmery finish and a good color pay-off.

The cream shadow base is an off-white shade whereas the other colors are lilac, pale baby pink, golden peach, neutral light brown and a deep pigmented (and not shimmery) neutral brown.

I love the color combination and find it quite pretty and versatile. Lilac and brown is always a combination that looks good in my opinion.

-De La Couture II Mineral Baking Pact Duo Luminous:
This comes in 2 colors: Beige and pink and I settled for pink as I was sure it'd look better on me. While I wasn't too happy with the original Baking Pact I thought the Duo Luminous looked good enough to give it a try.
The compact is the same boring shiny silver plastic which attracts fingerprints too much =X

Also I didn't find a space to put the included sponge in but as I use my face brush anyway I don't care.

The powder consists of 2 finishes: satiny (not flat) matte and frosty. The matte side takes the larger portion so you can use this all over your face without getting the disco ball look. The matte side is also sheerer and harder. The frosty side is really very frosty and pigmented and has a softer texture so this beautiful champagne color would be used best as an eyeshadow or very sparingly with a skunk brush as a highlighter.

The color match is excellent, the finish is beautiful. This Mineral Baking Pact is great indeed!

-Copacabana Blusher:
I got this at the half price so this was considerably inexpensive at about US$7.

This comes in a beautiful pink compact without a sponge or a brush.
The blusher has a very silky texture with a fine shimmer. The color is a very pretty rosy beige that goes with pretty much most makeup looks.
I really like this one!

-Eye Love Eye Primer in Temptation:
I really like the older version (in the ugly plastic compact) so I decided to pick up the revamped one which comes in a sleek slim silver compact.

The Eye Primer I chose comes with a clear lid primer and a light creamy pink highlighter/concealer cream. I like using the (moderately pigmented and smooth) pink color under my eyes and on my brow-bones to make my eyes look fresh and awake.

The primer is a clear waxy very hard cream you apply to your lid before the use of eyeshadow. It does a nice job intensifying the eyeshadow color however I didn't feel that it was very good at keeping the shadow in place.

I will test this out more to see how it'll perform.

The Love Holic Pearl Mascara is nice, too. It has a gray-tinted clear base with silver glitters and a comb applicator.
The Deep The Eyes Mascara is decent but nothing like my favorite mascaras from Majolica Majorca.

I tried the Let Me Bebe BB Cream but it's too dark for me. If you'd like to try the Bebe BB Cream I will send 2 samples to the first 3 readers to email me. All taken, sorry!

All in all a great little haul and once again I am convinced that if you want to try a Korean brand I'd put Banila Co on top of the list!


Blovet Beauty said...

the Banila packaging looks really pretty :) the eyeshadow palette has very wearable shades!!

vanilla said...

omg the pact duo really tempting !hehe

Jean said...

I'm wondering, where are you come from? Cause you always purchase online~ Do the website ship to Malaysia?

Laura L said...

I'm looking forward to read the eye primer review :)
the haul is so great!

Unknown said...

I love the eyeshadow palette! The colors are beautiful! I'd love to try these BB creams, but if it's dark for you, then it might not work for me ><

mandy said...

The packaging is so pretty! The Blusher and the Mineral Baking Pact Duo looks really nice :)

hanidee said...

The eye palette looks super nice! I really want to get that too! Looks great on you!

Denysia said...

WOW! so many nice items! I still don't know how to order from Gmarket, I think I'm going to have to read up about it.

loraborealis♡ said...

I love the lace on the compact!~ and congrats on being awarded another gmarket top blogger!

MEii said...

the palette compact is so cute!
i always wanted to try banila co but cant never find much of their stuffs, i should try the gmarket place, never used it before.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Fantastic haul. The Rio bronzer/blusher is really great, don't you think? I love your palette of eyeshadows as well...

Catherine said...

Wow, lovely haul! The eyeshadows look beautiful on you!

amynaree said...

great haul the colors on the e/s palette are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

You remind me of my 2 weeks trip to Seoul this September! All Korean cosmetics shops are so cute and Banila Co is also. My friend bought eye liner and mascara (silvery package), they are great! I've bought stippling brush from Banila. We received the same lipstick sample as you posted ))) I want baaaack to Seoul!!!

makeupmag said...

Congratulations! Everything looks exquisite! I especially like the highlighter.

jehan said...

hi Kathi! i'm an avid reader since the day i discovered your blog. here i am, a resident in Korea, reading reviews of someone so far from here, haha... i have a really sensitive and not fair enough skin for the shades of Korean cosmetics products but I still get to try some that attract me most too.

btw, i actually added your blog in my blog list. i hope you won't mind...

more power. i'll definitely come back for more....

freshelle said...

wow great haul!! i'm exicited for you!!

i love reading your blog. i'm a follower now. can't wait for ur future posts!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Super pretty! Congrats on being a Gmarket Top Blogger!! :D

Yumeko said...

i think they are the top quality for korea as well, as good as mac if not better

their pro brushes amaze me!

btw they are opening a store in tokyo this fri so i thnk u gotta come visit me next year heeeee

Piper said...

Beautiful eye shadows. I'll check them out!

Unknown said...

mmmmhhh you make me want to get more banila co goodies!

Alex said...

So pretty~

Ok heard heard!

Emily said...

wah!!! so pretty!!! i really wanna buy stuff now from gmarket (and thx for replying and telling me how to use gmarket its very helpdul thank you kathi!!!)

vanilla said...

hey i have received ur package !thanks a lot hun !
i love everything from ur kawaii envelope and the samples !
cant wait to try them tomoro !:)

Faye Prettyhead said...

Congrats on your win! And you have got some very pretty products, I am really jealous!

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