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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Inexpensive Beauty find & first venture into Japanese BB Creams: Meishoku Moist Labo BB Essence Cream SPF40 PA+++

To be honest this is not my very first venture into Japanese BB Creams..I tried one from Nanoce some time ago but got the wrong color which was so off that I didn't bother trying the cream on my face and put it up for sale on LP Sales right away.

Recently I spotted this new Japanese BB Cream (in 2 versions) on Adambeauty (click here for direct link) and granted I was very interested and decided to get both (natural and shiny) as they were really cheap (US$14.50) and because I was interested to review them here anyway =P
I know by Korean BB cream standards US$14.50 isn't that cheap but I believe the Meishoku BB creams are among the cheapest Japan-produced ones.

Meishoku has a pretty nice under-eye concealer (I got the pink one which I haven't reviewed.. I can say it's a nice concealer which brightens my eyes instantly. Coverage is about sheer-medium so it's best if your eye-circles aren't too severe).

I actually wasn't that convinced that either of the BB creams would work for me but to my surprise both are nice and work for my skin-tone.

Both BB creams have the same color, a very light yellow-toned shade. On the swatch on my hand (left is #01, right #02) they look very yellow but when blended they're nicely adjusting to my skin (as you can see on the pic below where I blended 02 on my hand).
#02 Shiny has some fine silver glitters spread throughout the cream.
I personally like #01 Natural better as the glitters in #02 are fine but not fine enough not to show up as glitters. Good to wear on a dark or rainy day but in bright sunlight you'll get the disco-ball effect I think.

Texture-wise I can't detect a difference either, both are rather lightweight and don't have that heavy silicone-feel some Korean BB creams have. Actually the Meishoku BB creams are really nice and light so they should work well for someone with normal-oily skin.
Coverage is actually quite good, I'd say medium and buildable. I can easily cover my cheek redness and my light eye-circles with the Moist Labo BB Creams.
I love how my skin feels very silky, and smooth but without a greasy or heavy feeling some Korean BB creams leave behind.
The finish is a natural matte. #02 has the added glitters as stated above.

The tubes are small, each only contains 33g. #01 comes in a light golden and #02 in a pale pink tube.

According to Meishoku the BB Cream has 6 benefits:
-Makeup Base
-UV sun block (SPF40 PA+++)
The hyaluronic acid found in this BB Cream is supposedly only 1/100 of the size as regular hyaluronic acid molecules as nano-technology is used.
Furthermore the BB Creams are sweat-and waterproof.
Retails: 1260 Yen (about US$13)

All in all I can highly recommend this BB cream for anyone with fair-light skin-tone and most skin-types except very dry. Since I have no problems with acne I can't tell you if it would work acne-prone skin or not.


Wynda said...

wow, first one to comment ^^, i want to try this to, i just love Jap cosmetics. thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

I bought the stupid shiny one!!! And the glitters make me sad! Must try the other one soon!

shynygal said...

Ah they look so pretty on your skin! I was wondering do you know of any darker toned BB creams?

theotherworldly said...

They look lovely, but I'm about an NC20 and they really look too light.

Does it blend into other skin tones?

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

I never tried Japanese BB cream! it looks so good.. ^o^ great review! ^^

Babybubblz said...

I'm excited that it leaves a silky feeling behind. I agree that Korean ones can be a little heavy.

NicRTV (陳亞任) said...

I would have love to try this but I have a dry skin....

❤ るうかぴょん said...

Oh.. first time heard about Japanese BB Cream.
Korean BB Creams ramblings are everywhere out there ^^;

What skin tone you'll recommend this product to?
I'm NC20 :D .. Do this BB Cream oxidize a lot?

thanks for the review~~

vanilla said...

awww now i want it !lol
all ur reviews always makes me drooling all over.lolllll.
once i settle,shud really learn to use gmarket and those other 'unusual'

aya said...

great review. I think the Japanese are catching on the 'bb cream' wave. I just came back from Japan and bought a new bb cream from Kanebo (their Freshel line) and i'm loving it! more than my Missha :)

~Lisa said...

Great review! I want to get the natural one.

Follow me?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reviews! I love Korean BB Creams and have yet to try a Japanese one.

Sol Miele said...

Hi! I'm searching for a bbcream... I want a pale effect, but i havent a pale skin... What do you think i can try to start? Thank you

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