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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Adambeauty haul (Coffret d´Or spring collection)

Today I received my most recent Adambeauty haul as he started listing the new spring collection from Coffret d´Or last week! Coffret D´or gave its new collection quite a different look than previous ones, sort of more mature and grown up =( ...with eyehadow/blush refills sold separately from the cases.
The compacts are sold in either black/silver or white/pink and of course I opted for the latter as it´s just prettier =)
Since the refills and cases are sold individually the total price is higher than for the previous palettes...a bit of a bummer but since the refills come in sturdy clear plastic cases you might actually skip the compact and save some bucks. 

Adambeauty´s prices for the blush or eyeshadows already include a case but you must add the compact(s) of your choice extra (listed @ HK$0), so don´t forget this if you are going to order!

Anyway, here is my order! Didn´t play with the goodies yet but will start today =) 

Oh and in other news.... going to review this precious treasure here soon, too!
(Maquillage Powder Celebration)


Anna said...

OMG you got the Maquillage goddess. Good Dealer?

imcarvalho said...

How nice :D I want hauls like that! lol
Coffret D'Or is looking so different! I actually thought that they were trying to market their products to younger women, judging from the new spokeswomen (who failed to impress me so far).

Kathi said...

nope, Alphabeautyuk on eBay =D

kylie said...

great haul! the maquillage poweder has such a nice packaging - really princessy! ^^

Paris B said...

I just ordered the Coffret D'or blush in No. 3 (the red one) and I see you got the pink! I originally had pink in my basket but decided not to go with it in case it was too light :) Looking forward to your reviews :)

Jess said...

Wow, you always get all the new stuff super quickly, hehe...

For some reason, I'm not that much into the Coffret D'Or Spring collection, but very excited for Lunasol and EST (and Dior of course).

Nevertheless, I can't wait to see your swatches. Hopefully, I don't get enabled by you then (again), hehe... :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh you got the Maquillage Powder Celebration! Soo pretty *^_^*

Fruity Lashes said...

you're so quick in getting new stuff. i like the coffret d'or line a lot. and the maquillage set is really gorgeous. also got mine a month ago.

Jan S said...

Dear Kathi, thanks for all your reviews and pictures, I have enjoyed reading your blog very much this year, I am starting to venture into japanese cosmetics now, especially Maquillage and Lavshuca and loving it :) I hope you will have a wonderful and blessed 2011!

Suzy said...

*drools* So much gorgeous stuff <3

Suzy said...

Oh and Happy New Year of course! Haha was so blown away by the stuffies, that I completely forgot to say that in my comment! ^^

skyblueinsf said...

wow, you got the maq powder!! Looks super nice... but just too expensive for me... Can't wait to see your review on that!

Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting with anticipation for your reviews!!!!!!! Where are they???

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