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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rosette Soys Lotion Rich & Soys Milk

Sorry for posting so little these days but as I said earlier I have been sick and also a bit uninspired what to write about lately lol.

Anyway, I recommended the Soys line from Rosette to so many people already who asked me for skincare suggestions but haven´t actually reviewed the stuff so it was about time to remedy that!

Rosette is a Japanese brand, I think the most known range is probably the Hello Kitty line (which includes masks, face washs, moisturizer gel etc.) and Sasa carries quite a lot of products.
It was quite coincidential that I picked up the Soys products, I like to add random stuff to my Sasa shopping cart to try out and among them was the Lotion Rich and the Milk from Rosette. I also purchased the Soys Wash foaming cleanser but haven´t tried it yet so will review this individually one day.

As you might remember my skin is really sensitive, for some strange reason much more sensitive to skincare than makeup. I almost never react to foundation, blushes or powders but in like 90% of the times when I try new skincare it turns out to be unsuitable for my skin.
The Soys products looked nice and were very affordable (like US$9 per product) so I picked them up expecting they will probably still end up in my "can´t-use-stash" aka trash bin hehe. 

In Japanese beauty lingo a lotion is basically a toner to be used before moisturizer but the whole idea of a toner is different as it´s often more moisturizing (or including other skincare benefits) than clarifying. I have the impression that the "lotion" step is actually the most important in Japanese skincare ranges, often the toners are the most advertised products.

The Lotion Rich is a viscous (as in lightweight liquid gel) clear lotion filled in a brown plastic bottle. It´s very easy to squeeze or shake this out of the bottle and it´s a refreshing yet very mild and moisturizing lotion.

It´s the perfect prep for the Milk which comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. I usually pump 2x in winter and 1x in summer so even though the bottle is small-ish it lasts for about 2-3 months with 2x daily use. Since I use a bit more of the Lotion Rich than the Milk the products finish at about the same time.
The Milk is lightweight and not sticky but still it´s rich and moisturizing so for me it is perfectly balanced. It doesn´t leave a greasy film but leaves my skin so super soft and smooth.
Since using this skincare (I am on my 4th set of toner and lotion, started using these products about 10 months or so ago) my skin has been in the best state ever, clear and without any red bumps.

I really love this skincare range as from the bottle design to the contents this is just perfect stuff in my opinion. I am so obsessed with this skincare that I have several bottles of each of the 2 products in my backup storage (right now 6 bottles/each!)... I am a bit mad I know lol!

Both products are not fragranced and super mild. The Lotion Rich contains 200ml whereas the Milk has 120ml. Both products retail for 1050 Yen/each which converts to about US$13 so Sasa is quite a few $$$ cheaper than Japanese drugstores.
There is also a regular lighter Lotion available but I chose the "Rich" version for my dry skin-type.
I always first cleanse my face (or double-cleanse at night if I am wearing makeup), dab the Lotion Rich on with a cotton pad and then apply the Milk. Sometimes I use a special wrinkle treatment afterwards (more for prevention, I don´t have many lines yet), at night I follow with the Kracie Hadabisei overnight mask (reviewed it some time ago). And of course I always dab on some eyecream and lipbalm.

According to Sasa the Milk contains soybeans and black soybean extract, soy isoflavones, hyaluronic acid, soy lecithin and Vitamin E.
The Lotion Rich contains rice fermentation liquid, hyaluronic acid, soybean extracts (white and black) and is meant for dry and delicate skin.
According to Sasa both products are unlikely to cause irritations and I have to fully agree in my case.
Rating 10/5 lol, best stuff ever


~Lisa said...

This sounds great! I'm going to add it to my to-buy list!!

You have soo many bottles of it! xD I can't buy so many backups because I have no room to put them! lol

Tea2Tu said...

I'm excited to try this!
Thanks for the review ^^~

A Shine Bunny said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I MUST get this!
When you recommend something it almost *always* turns out to be just perfect for my sensitive NC10-15 skin.

Translated the ingredients on both the rich lotion&the milk,and they do not contain alcohol;just a lot of glycerine,BT and other non greasy humectants...and so affordable too:)

eb1k0 said...

I was so excited and ready to buy them when I read your review on Rosette but when I went to Sasa, they no longer carry it. So sad... :( But thanks for the great review.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss blogger of L.P.

I really like your review of the product so iwent to sasa to look for them. Seems like they don't stock them anymore. Do you know where else i can buy online?


Anonymous said...

I've bought both the Lotion Rich and the Milk a year ago, after I read this review, and I have to agree with you- they have done wonders for my skin!

However Sasa doesn't stock them anymore, which threw me into "slight" panic ;)
After days of searching the net, I finally found them on Luckily you also posted the links for handling, so I'm extremely thankful to you :)

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