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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rohto Suppin Rin Day Eye Bright Moist & Night Eye Cream

Rohto Japan might be more known for their eyedrops (Lycée e.g.) but they also produce other cosmetics, among them the new Suppin Rin eyecream range.

I believe the Suppin Rin range came out back in September and it features 2 products so far: The Day Eye Bright Moist and the Night Eye Cream.

Day Eye Bright Moist:
For 924 Yen (~US$12) you get a small tube containing 8g. Actually that´s a bit little for an eye cream, it´s about the same content as a lipgloss (and the tube with the rounded head looks like some lipbalm anyway).

I actually like the simple peachy beige tube with the cute Suppin Rin logo. 
The Day Eye Bright Moist is a lightweight tinted moisturizer for the eye area. It feels hydrating but not the least bit heavy or greasy. It brightens my eyes slightly but it´s not a concealer as it only gives a hint of color and a slight pearly sheen. The color is quite light so it will suit most skin-tones due to its sheer nature.

I like this stuff very much as it feels light but hydrating, gives a bit of brightness to my eyes and looks cute. Right now my favorite daily eye cream.
This is not scented and doesn´t irritate my eyes at all. I got mine from Adambeauty for US$12.50 incl. shipping (+ US$2 per order for the tracking number).

According to Rohto this should be applied with the rounded head and massage it in but I squeeze a bit onto my fingers and gently dab it on.
Rating 5/5 

Night Eye Cream:
Contrary to the Day Eye Bright Moist this comes in a fat pink squeeze tube and contains a generous 20g of the cream. It looks like an oversized lipbalm with its rounded head. Like the other product one is supposed to apply this straight from the tube but I prefer to use my fingers for this one, too.

The Night Eye Cream is a thicker silky balm which feels very moisturizing but not greasy...still I can feel my eye area is very soft in the morning when I wake up. 
My eye area looks smooth and the fine lines I started to notice look a bit blurred so I think this slightly plumps them up.

Retail price for this product is 924 Yen whereas I got mine for US$12.50 from Adambeauty. I believe this product contains shea butter, squalane and other good ingredients.

Rating 5/5

Overall both creams are great products and will especially suit younger ladies. I would definitely repurchase them.


birkinbagbeauty said...

wow, you gave them high reviews. I like the colour of the day cream so it might look like a combi product of slightly concealing and moisturizing...

Unknown said...

ooh these are really promising reviews :D The color of the day cream looks like a good color match for Asians too :D

Erika Lim said...

was this bought online? great review btw. definitely makes me want to try it! It must be good since you've given it 5/5!

visit our blog!

kylie said...

i am liking the sound of this! ^^

~Lisa said...

Sounds soo good!! My eyes have been so dry lately due to the winter weather here =(

Jenni said...

wow both are given high ratings i see ;) I should check out my drugstores for them!!

Kai said...

i bought this based on your review, as I was curious about the under eye brightener, and also needed a new eye cream for nights. unfortunately i'm not as in love with them as you, but they are nice. the brightener doesn't seem to provide ANY kind of coverage, and i don't even see the pearliness you described? it seems completely sheer on me XD, and felt a bit sticky.

the eye cream as well, i guess it glides well, but if i pat instead of glide/rub my under eye area, it felt sorta sticky and almost hurts? i normally pat gently with my other eye cream, but for this one i have to rub lightly.

i don't love them and so far from using i didn't notice any improvement in the lines under my eyes, but i'm glad to have tried them anyway! since i needed an eye cream badly. XD

Thank you!

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