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Friday, December 3, 2010

Xmas 2010: Shiseido Integrate Crayon Eyes & True Shiny Gloss

While Integrate used to release those (for me) useless glitter cream/gloss palettes in the previous years for Xmas they decided to add a few new products to the current lineup.
There is one limited shade of their new Rainbow Grade Eyes but the warm yellow golds didn´t appeal to me. I picked up 2 of the new Crayon Eyes and 2 of the True Shiny Gloss lipglosses as my share of this year´s holiday collection from Integrate.

If you want to see all new products incl. color variations please check this post on Rouge Deluxe!

The older eye crayons from Integrate in pencil form were really popular when the brand was launched several years ago. I have some of these and quite like them for their pretty colors, nice pearly finish and good lasting power.
The new Crayon Eyes comes in automatic pencil refills and a holder which can take either 1 or 2 colors.

I got the holder and 2 refills to test this product out. I chose a deep and a lighter color but somehow the colors I got are mismatched so I won´t use them together =X

The overall design of the holder (and of the lipglosses I will review below) is a continuation of the Fall 2010 packaging which I personally like a lot.

Anyway, the texture of these crayons is creamy but not greasy and they glide on and spread easily. Both of the colors I got are pearly but with a little shimmer but they are not glittery.

Lasting power is good, the colors do fade and crease a little but for being creamy products they last quite well on me.

I actually like these better as a base than on their own, especially the lighter color.

BE315 looks more golden/yellow than on the swatch where it seemed to be a perfectly neutral pearly slightly pinkish cream shade. This makes a good base for neutral eyeshadow colors like browns but is a bit too yellow to be used as a highlighter (for me at least).

VI611 is a pretty plum shade with good color pay-off. 

Overall a solid product but not really impressive. There are 9 shades available.
Rating 3/5

The True Shiny Gloss lipglosses come in pretty tubes and are available in an array of 7 very neutral/light and natural shades (full-sized 7g each). There is no crazy bright or deep shade. I´d not have minded a deep cranberry but ok, I like the neutrals anyway =P

These new lipglossses have a creamy smooth texture with a soft glossy and slightly shimmery finish. They are quite pigmented for glosses so the colors show up well. Actually the formula reminds me more of a liquid lipstick or lip cream.

The slightly curved fuzzy spatula applicator applies the perfect amount, actually it´s one of the best applicators I have encountered till now.

Lasting power is quite decent, about 2 hours and the gloss won´t gunk up or accumulate on the outer corner of my lips.

The overall texture reminds me VERY much of the Perfect Gloss from Maquillage. The formula must be almost identical which means I love the new True Shiny Glosses!
Of course these are unscented but they do carry a slight plastic note, just like the ones from Maquillage. It´s not bothersome but might be detectable for more sensitive noses like mine =P

RD113: A light milky nude pinky peach shade
RS731: A beautiful mauve pink, very much a MLBB color

These glosses are fantastic and a great cheaper alternative to the Perfect Gloss lipcolors from Integrate´s bigger sister brand Maquillage.
Rating: 5/5


~Lisa said...

Ohmygoodness! The lipglosses are BEAUTIFUL!! I think my heart just skipped a beat when I saw them on your perfect lips ^^ The colour is so pretty and pigmented!!

Gwem said...

Where can I buy these? I can't find them online.

Kathi said...

I got them from

Jess said...

Oh wow... you always have the prettiest lip swatches! All lipsticks and lipglosses look so amazingly pretty on your lips - they are just perfect, Kathi!

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