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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Bath Sensitive Clear Bubble Cleansing Oil & Cleansing Foam

I´ve been trying a lot of Amore Pacific Happy Bath products lately and really like all of them (a few are ok but most are great). There is no dud... on the contrary, quite some products have good staple potential!

There aren´t many face products in the line, only cleansers for different skin-types so I picked up the 2 for sensitive skin. 
The idea of a cleansing oil foam isn´t new but still somehow quite intriguing for me. There is a regular cleansing oil in the Happy Bath Line but I got the one for sensitive skin which came in bubble form.

The 150ml pump bottle contains a pink liquid and smells like a natural and non-chemical blend of roses and some herbs which is a quite refreshing and unobtrusive scent for me. When I push the pump a fine and dense white foam comes out and even with massaging into the facial skin the foam doesn´t disappear.
To be honest this isn´t a good makeup remover as it doesn´t seem to break down makeup, especially not waterproof one. It burns when I get it in my eyes so it´s not good for using in the eye area either.
However this is a really great non-drying facial cleanser as it leaves my skin clean but soft and moisturized (not greasy or oily!) so I like to use the Bubble Cleansing Oil after a regular cleansing oil or alone in the morning.
So overall it fails as a cleansing oil (face makeup remover) but it´s a really good face cleanser.

Rating 4/5

The Sensitive Clear Cleansing Foam comes in a squeeze-tube containing 175g of product. The texture is like most Asian cleansing foams, a very thick paste-like consistence which lathers up very easily.
I like to use this with a face-sponge to create very thick and rich foam. 
This is a little drying but not to the extent to make it an uncomfortable product. Smells like the Bubble Cleansing Foam (a rose/herb scent).

Rating 3/5

The products are made of over 92% respectively 96% natural ingredients, are hypo-allergenic, dermatologist-tested and contain allantoin and organic flower calming complex (rose, lavender, calendula).

Bought on Gmarket from 영뷰티 for around US$7/each.


birkinbagbeauty said...

super, I'll take a look when I am visiting gmarket again. I think that cleansing oil is something I need :D

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