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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

VOV Castledew Dia Kit DK2 Twiggy Satin Velvet

Before I start reviewing this product I want to send my prayers and best wishes (and some funds) to Japan! I am terribly sorry and shocked about what is happening in this beautiful country and I cannot imagine what the people there have to endure right now. I hope all will be fine soon but I am really worried!
I feel somehow shallow going on with beauty reviews but still I want to keep my blog running. Please don´t be angry with me =(

I haven´t purchased Korean makeup for quite a while but after buying that wonderful eyeshadow palette from Etude House I also found a really nice-looking product from VOV Castledew for 19000 Won (US$17 or around that) so I added it to my most recent Gmarket order.

The Dia Kit contains 6 eyeshadows and 6 lipsticks and comes in 2 color variations. I got DK2 Twiggy Satin Velvet as it features slightly deeper colors.
I really love the deep purple case as it looks very elegant and is quite bulky and heavy so it is actually quite luxurious for such an inexpensive product.

The shadows are quite good, nicely (sheer-medium) pigmented and with a subtly shimmery, rather more satin finish (only 1 color has a bit more shimmer). 
The lipsticks carry a subtle fruits scent, are a bit dry for my liking and have a satin-velvet finish. They look a bit shimmery in the swatch but actually they aren´t in real life.

There is one glossy sheer color which adds a nice dimension to the other lipsticks and gives a more comfy feeling.
Overall the kit is actually really well suitable to wear for work as there are no crazy colors, on the contrary, everything is subtle and natural for a perfectly polished look.

The eye colors are a pale satin pink, medium satin rose and a deep purple. The 2nd row contains a shimmery yellow ivory, satin apricot and a neutral chocolate brown.

The lip colors are a lilac pink, bright pink, deep wine pink, glossy sheer peach, tangerine and a neutral beige.

I really like the Dia Kit and think it´s a great staple makeup palette. If I HAVE to travel to Egypt in April for a week then I will probably take this and a few other things as this kit really gives nice makeup options. The lipstick pans are quite shallow though so they might finish quickly.
I only wish the lipsticks were a little creamier and more comfortable to wear. 

First EOTD features a natural look using all colors except the deep purple, the other look features the 3 colors in the top row.

First lip is the bright pink (2nd in top row) and the other one shows the beige (3rd color in the bottom row).

Rating 4/5


Unknown said...

your lips are so pretty ^_^ And I really like this palette, I'm suprised with the pigmentation of the lipsticks, love the range.

Jan S said...

that is such a cute palette!

Julia said...

Thank you! I am actually glad some bloggers like you keep posting as usual because that means I can distract myself a bit.
Although I have experienced several smaller earthquakes in Japan during the year I spent there and was also aware of the possibility of something like this, it still makes me feel really sad and also very helpness. I donated, helped with a fundraiser, offered all of friends in Japan to come live with me in Germany for a while... but I feel like nothing is enough.

Anyway, this seems like a nice item. ^^

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

such a pretty palette! normally lipsticks that come in a palette don't look that nice but they look so pigmented in your photos.pretty colours as well.loving the eyes too..gorgeous!

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